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David De Haan is the owner of KayakScout. With a lifelong passion for water sports, David grew up near the water and has spent countless hours exploring various water activities. He has developed a deep knowledge of kayaking, including kayaks and paddling accessories, and is devoted to sharing his expertise with others. As an avid kayaker, David understands the importance of finding the right equipment and information to enhance one’s kayaking experience. With KayakScout, he has made it his mission to provide valuable information and insights to kayaking enthusiasts worldwide, helping them to discover new places to paddle, improve their skills, and enjoy the beauty of the water.

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best pumps for inflatable kayaks featured

12 Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

Inflatable kayaks offer a host of advantages, such as portability, convenience, and versatility to cater to various skill levels and recreational purposes. However, a crucial aspect of owning and using an inflatable kayak is having an efficient and reliable pump. With numerous options available in the market, identifying the ideal pump for your inflatable kayak … Read more
inflatable kayak materials featured

Inflatable Kayak Materials – Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking of buying an inflatable kayak but not sure what material to choose? Do you want to know the pros and cons of different inflatable kayak materials and how they affect the performance and durability of your kayak? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain … Read more
is a kayak considered a boat featured

Is a Kayak Considered a Boat?

When it comes to kayaks, there’s usually some confusion concerning their classification. Water vessels come in all shapes and sizes–from large cruise and cargo ships to rafts, paddle boards, and kayaks.  Smaller vessels like kayaks have their own classification; they’re definitely not ships, but are kayaks boats? Knowing how water vessels are classified is important … Read more
how to prevent blisters on hands when kayaking featured

How To Prevent Blisters on Your Hands When Kayaking

Blisters on the hands are one of the most common kayaking injuries. Most kayakers will come into contact with friction blisters of some kind. So, what should you do to prevent blisters, and what should you do if you get blisters? This guide will cover everything you need to know.  Key Takeaways What Causes Blisters … Read more
kayaking at night featured

Kayaking at Night: Everything You Need To Know

Kayaking at night has its own unique charms and challenges. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know and prepare to have a fantastic nocturnal paddling experience.  While kayaking at night can be a unique experience, there are some crucial things you need to know before you begin.  Key Takeaways Is Kayaking … Read more
kayaking rules and regulations featured

Kayaking Rules and Regulations Every Kayaker Needs to Know

Kayaking, for many people, means tranquility and freedom. You can escape to a world of your own for a few hours, a full day, or multiple days. Depending on where you’ll be paddling, you may not even have to interact with anyone other than your kayaking partner.  But while many people don’t know this, there … Read more
canoe with kayak paddle featured

Can You Paddle a Canoe with a Kayak Paddle?

Canoes and kayaks are similar in many ways, they’ve been around for centuries, and you need a paddle to propel them both. These vessels are used for the same things, like fishing, whitewater paddling, and touring.  However, they also have their differences, like the difference in paddles. You use a single-bladed paddle in canoeing, while … Read more
longer vr shorter kayak featured

Longer vs Shorter Kayak: Pros and Cons Examined

There are many different kayaks in all kinds of shapes and sizes. A kayak’s length is an important piece of the puzzle when looking at the overall performance of a kayak. It’s also important to understand that length can be a relative term.  There are shorter and longer kayaks in terms of type. For example, … Read more
do you need a life jacket to kayak featured

Do You Need a Life Jacket to Kayak? A Guide To Understanding Your Essential Safety Equipment

Do you need a life jacket to kayak? The answer is yes! A life jacket (sometimes referred to as a PFD or Personal Flotation Device) is both a legal requirement and a life-saving piece of equipment.  This article will explain everything you need to know about life jackets, including the best life jackets for kayaking … Read more
can one person use a two person kayak featured

Can One Person Use a Two Person Kayak?

Can one person use a 2-person kayak? The answer is yes, but there are some important things to pay attention to or you will not have a good experience.  While two people normally operate a tandem kayak (two-people kayaks), it’s not uncommon to find some scenarios where they might be paddled solo. It’s true that … Read more
kayaking terms featured

Kayaking Terms – A Beginner’s Guide to Kayaking Terminology

Getting into kayaking is exciting. But then you spend some time with fellow kayakers to learn a thing or two, and you can hardly understand what they’re saying. Kayaking has been around for a long while, and like every other discipline, there are terms only ‘insiders’ know.  But not to worry. I have compiled a … Read more
what is good weather for kayaking featured

What Is Good Weather for Kayaking? Making the Most of Your Environment

Weather is one of those factors that can make or break a kayaking experience. However, a little understanding can go a long way toward enabling you to make the best of any given environment with little disruption.  This guide will cover all you need to know about optimal kayaking weather conditions and detail everything you’ll … Read more
do sharks attack kayaks featured

Do Sharks Attack Kayaks? – The Truth About Sharks and Kayaks

Kayaking can hardly be described as dangerous (as long as it’s not one of the more extreme disciplines, like whitewater kayaking). If you follow the usual precautions you have little to worry about. But it doesn’t come without risk, just like any other activity. And when kayaking in the ocean, the risk of running into … Read more
is kayaking hard featured

Is Kayaking Hard? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re completely new to kayaking it’s natural to wonder how difficult it can be. Kayaking is much more than just traversing water on a small vessel, it can be easy and recreational or pose a challenge to even the sturdiest adventurers.  So, if you’re a newbie wondering if kayaking is too hard, or a … Read more
how do you increase the weight capacity of your kayak featured

How Do You Increase the Weight Capacity of Your Kayak? 

Depending on your favorite way to kayak, it’s possible that, at some point, you will need to bump up the amount of weight it can carry. If you’re wondering how to increase your kayak’s weight capacity, the good news is that several options are open to you. This guide will cover what you can do … Read more
how much does a kayak cost feautured

How Much Does a Kayak Cost: Get the Best for Your Money

The price tag of a kayak can vary so much that anyone new to the hobby might be confused as to just where their money is going. This article will explain all the details so you can understand the ideal balance between money and performance based on your needs.  A kayak’s cost can be significantly … Read more
why are kayaks so expensive featured

Why Are Kayaks So Expensive? (Full Guide)

Kayaks, on the surface, may seem like simple pieces of equipment. Still, the variation in materials, manufacturing, and the economics surrounding them is complex and requires a lot of exploration to understand.  While it can be confusing why one kayak costs a few hundred dollars, and another one has a price tag of a few … Read more
how long and wide are canoes featured

How Long and Wide Are Canoes?

The history of canoes dates far back, thousands and thousands of years ago. Canoeing started as a means of transport, but today it’s mainly recreational.  If you intend to get into canoeing, then size must be one of the biggest questions on your mind. This is because you have to figure out storage, transportation, and … Read more
sea eagle razorlite inflatable kayak

Best Inflatable Kayaks for 1 Person (2024)

Inflatable kayaks provide a practical, portable kayak option for beginner, advanced or intermediate paddlers wanting to take up this popular sport without having to find the storage space needed for a hardshell kayak.  But, with so many options available in today’s market, choosing the best inflatable kayak for one person can be a daunting task.  … Read more
is a kayak a personal watercraft featured

Is a Kayak a Personal Watercraft? Everything You Need To Know

Getting your head around the legal classifications of watercraft can be a bit confusing, and what applies to one state doesn’t always apply to another.  But is a kayak a personal watercraft? The answer depends on where you are drawing your definition of personal watercraft. In very broad terms, a kayak is a form of … Read more
how to ship a kayak featured canva

How to Ship a Kayak: A Six-Step Guide To Make Things Easy

Whether you’re moving or needing to ship your kayak across the country to a distant location, there are some simple steps to follow to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.  This guide will explain everything you need to know to ship your kayak as securely as possible and help you decide if it’s … Read more
how to store a kayak vertically featured canva

How To Store a Kayak Vertically – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you plan to store a kayak over the long term, then you’ll need some kind of storage system to protect it from damage that can happen over time. Leaning your kayak up in a kayak stand might be OK for a short period, but if you’re looking for a long term storage solution, it … Read more
kayaking in the rain featured

Kayaking in the Rain: The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking Safely in the Rain

Kayaking may be weather-dependent but you can still go out in most weather conditions. However, some situations can make your kayaking less pleasant–and even dangerous.  Rainy weather, for instance, is reason enough for most kayakers to stay out of the water. Others don’t let the showers stop them. If you belong to the latter group … Read more
Advanced Elements Expedition Elite

How Much Should You Spend on a Kayak as a Beginner?

When it comes to cost, kayaks can go from suspiciously cheap to outrageously expensive. As a beginner, you don’t want to pay through the nose for a good kayak, but you also want something that’s going to serve you well through the novice stage.  This guide will fully explain and answer the question – how … Read more
Kayak Vs Inflatable Pontoon featured

Kayak vs Inflatable Pontoon – Full Comparison

Kayaks and inflatable pontoons share some distinct similarities, but they’re designed for different purposes. Both offer unique advantages and disadvantages, and choosing between them often comes down to personal preference and intended use. Important considerations can include aspects such as portability, stability, maneuverability, storage, and cost. Whether you’re a seasoned water enthusiast or just starting … Read more
how far can a kayak hang out of a truck featured

How Far Can a Kayak Hang Out of a Truck? Full Answer Here

If you need to transport a kayak in a truck, but your truck bed is shorter than your yak, don’t worry. You may still be able to transport your kayak in your truck – depending on how much it hangs out of the back.  So how far can a kayak hang out of a truck? … Read more
how do you transport 4 kayaks featured

How Do You Transport 4 Kayaks?

One of the best things about having a kayak is that you can go with it wherever your adventures take you. Kayaks are small and light enough to carry with your car–you don’t need to own a truck.  While owning a kayak makes it easy to travel and explore secluded areas, sometimes the details of … Read more

Is It Better to Transport a Kayak up or Down? Full Explanation

Transporting your kayak on the correct side is vital to avoid damage and unnecessary wear and tear. While kayaks are made from sturdy materials, there are some things to understand that will help you answer the question: is it better to transport a kayak up or down? There’s no quick answer to this question, as … Read more
how to transport a kayak on a small car featured

How to Transport a Kayak on a Small Car, Safely and Easily

Getting your kayak from the land to the water is essential, but we often overlook this element of kayaking. If you have any concerns or are wondering how to transport a kayak on a small car, this step-by-step guide will show you how.  There are some things to consider before you attempt to transport your … Read more
how to lock up a kayak featured

How to Lock up a Kayak: A Step-by-Step Guide for Each Type

Learning how to lock up a kayak properly is often an afterthought in most kayakers’ minds, but it’s vital to prevent both theft and damage. However, before diving in, you must consider a few things.  We’ll be covering everything you need to know and consider to keep your kayak safe and secure, no matter if … Read more

Kayaking Statistics, Facts, Trivia (2024)

Kayaking is a popular watersport. But did you know that it’s so popular that over 18.56 million people in the USA reported that they went kayaking in 2021?  Or how about the fact that kayaking grows in participation year after year, and has been doing so for the last decade? There are so many interesting … Read more
how fast is a kayak featured

How Fast Is a Kayak? Average Kayak Speed Explained

Understanding the average kayak speed and how that helps you plan trips is an essential part of any kayaker’s knowledge base. Your overall kayak speed is subject to a few factors that we’ll explain in detail. The average kayak speed hovers around 2 – 3 miles per hour, equivalent to about 2.6 knots. Kayak speed … Read more
how far can you kayak in a day featured

How Far Can You Kayak in a Day? Find Out Here

Understanding and having a rough idea of the distance you can cover when kayaking can be very useful for trip planning, so, just how far can you kayak in a day? A fairly experienced kayaker can comfortably kayak about 20 miles in a day and most regular kayakers can get to 20 miles and above. … Read more
can fat people kayak featured

Can Fat People Kayak? Breaking Down the Myths and Empowering Plus-Size Adventurers

Kayaking seems like a simple enough exercise for everyone, regardless of fitness level. Besides, it’s easily accessible, and you can find rental kayaks pretty much anywhere. But kayaks look kind of narrow, and you rarely see bigger people kayaking in most photos and videos online. If you’re a heavier guy or lady who desires to … Read more
kayak injuries featured

10 Common Kayaking Injuries and How To Avoid Them

In any sport or activity, there is a risk of injury, but being forewarned can prevent some of the more common kayaking injuries. While being injured is never a happy experience, it can happen to anyone.  There are all sorts of possible injuries sustained from kayaking, ranging from chronic overuse injuries to minor skin irritations.  … Read more
nixy tahoe inflatable tandem kayak

Best Inflatable Kayaks (2024) – Top Inflatable Kayaks by the Experts

Whether you’re shopping for your first inflatable kayak or looking to upgrade, the process can be overwhelming. Researching, comparing and analyzing all the different kayaks in the inflatables space is pretty time-consuming, even if you’re an expert! That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and gone above and beyond simply rounding up a … Read more
how long does it take to kayak a mile featured

How Long Does It Take To Kayak a Mile? A Full Explanation

Figuring out how long it takes to kayak a mile can be an essential part of planning your trip and having an overall rough estimation of how long it’ll take to complete a given journey. In this article, I’ll be delving into all the factors determining your kayaking mph and some crucial things to be … Read more
kayak safety featured

Kayak Safety 101: Everything You Need To Know

Learning about the ins and outs of kayak safety is one of the most important things any apprentice kayaker should dedicate some attention to. Not only will having this knowledge dramatically improve your confidence, it also plays an integral part in becoming a better kayaker.  This guide will tell you everything you need to know … Read more
kayak vs rafting featured

Kayaking vs Rafting: What’s the Best Choice for You?

Kayaking and rafting are two of the more popular water sports activities. So, if you’re deciding which one is the better option for you, we’re going to be pitting kayaking vs rafting so you can measure the pros and cons of each.  While they’re both fun activities, popular with those seeking an adrenaline rush and … Read more
kayaking photography featured

Kayak Photography – How to Take Better Pictures While Kayaking

Kayaking can be a great way to get a unique perspective on nature and a truly remarkable way to take some beautiful photographs. If you’re looking for a way to improve your kayak photography, this how-to guide will take you through all the steps you need to know to do it safely and competently.  Key … Read more
best kayaking apps featured

The Best Kayaking Apps for 2024

While kayaking can be done low tech – there is a selection of applications or programs you can put on your phone that can be immensely helpful for any kayaker. In this post, we’ll cover some of the best kayaking apps for and beyond.  Is There An App for Kayaking? There are tons of kayaking … Read more
how long does it take to kayak a mile featured

A Complete Guide to Solo Kayaking

Solo kayaking can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience for almost anyone. However, before you begin, there are some skills to learn and knowledge to gain.  While you shouldn’t be discouraged about practicing or spending time alone with your kayak, you will want to understand some essential things first.  In this guide, we’re going to cover … Read more

What Muscles Does Kayaking Work? How Kayaking Improves Fitness

Kayaking is a fantastic way to develop your fitness. It’s also a great activity that can scale to both beginners and experts alike! Having a clear understanding of what muscles kayaking works and what it does for your overall fitness helps you get the biggest bang for your buck out of this physical activity.   Kayaking … Read more
owing vs kayaking featured

Rowing vs Kayaking: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Rowing and kayaking have a lot in common – they involve paddles, water, and boats, but both activities differ considerably, aside from a few similarities. In this article, we’ll be pitching rowing vs. kayaking under the spotlight to understand these differences in detail.  Key Takeaways What Is Rowing? Rowing is a mode of transportation that’s … Read more
what does tracking mean in kayaking featured

What Does Tracking Mean in Kayaking?

When getting into a new activity you’ll sometimes come across terms you don’t quite understand. It’s no different with kayaking. One of the terms that newbies may not understand is “tracking”.  What does tracking mean in kayaking? Tracking is your kayak’s ability to go in a straight line.  You see, even though there aren’t roads … Read more
what to do if you encounter a snake while kayaking featured

What to Do If You Encounter a Snake While Kayaking

Kayaking is fun, no doubt, but it can be scary sometimes. Unless you’re kayaking in a pool, there’s always the chance of encountering wildlife.  Some animals, like turtles and dolphins, can make your paddling experience truly magical. But others are dangerous and you can only hope to never meet them. Or you only prefer to … Read more
kayak florida keys featured

Kayak Florida Keys: A Quick Guide

Few things are better than a kayaking adventure in the Florida Keys. You’ll find yourself getting lost in tranquility as you paddle the calm glassy waters. Going through the stunning mangrove tunnels immediately makes you forget all the craziness of modern day-to-day life.  On top of that, you’ll have lots of beautiful sea creatures, including … Read more
ocean kayak safety featured

Ocean Kayak Safety: Your Guide to Basic Sea Kayaking Safety

The ocean is vast and mysterious, it’s no surprise that more than 80% of it is still unexplored.  There’s so much to discover and marvel at–magical marine life, breathtaking sceneries, and the calmness that comes with being around the water. But there’s also a lot to be scared of. The water conditions could suddenly change, … Read more
can you kayak while pregnant featured

Can You Kayak While Pregnant? Understanding the Risks and Benefits

Physical activity is important when you’re pregnant because it can help with issues like backache. It can also reduce stress and possibly prevent gestational diabetes. However, with pregnancy comes limitations in terms of what you can do physically.  Kayaking is known as a gentle exercise that isn’t too hard on your body, despite being an … Read more
what to do when kayaking in a thunderstorm feautured

What to Do When Kayaking in a Thunderstorm

Every kayaker knows that it’s never a good idea to go paddling when there’s a thunderstorm. But sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and the weather can change unexpectedly. Getting caught in a thunderstorm while kayaking is scary because you can get in serious trouble. As a kayaker, preparing for all kinds of potential … Read more
is-kayaking-with-orcas-safe featured

Is Kayaking with Orcas Safe?

Did you know that the orca is one of the fastest marine animals on the planet? This huge mammal can weigh up to 6 tonnes and is capable of swimming at a speed of 34 miles per hour!  Orcas, also known as killer whales, are members of the dolphin family. They are as fascinating as … Read more
is kayaking save for non swimmers featured

Is Kayaking Safe for Non-Swimmers?

Most people will tell you that kayaking is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, size, and fitness level. But how about those who can’t swim? Kayaking doesn’t necessarily require swimming skills. All you have to do is sit in or on your kayak and paddle–something even a non-swimmer can do. However, kayaking is a … Read more
is kayaking good for weight loss featured

Is Kayaking Good for Weight Loss? How Kayaking Can Help You Slim Down

It’s no secret that proper diet and exercise are key to maintaining (or reaching) a healthy weight. But exercising solely to lose weight can become a chore – leading more people to seek out activities that are fun, but still help to burn calories. But what about kayaking?  Is kayaking good for weight loss?  The … Read more
pelican vs lifetime featured

Pelican vs Lifetime Kayaks – Which Brand is Best?

Pelican and Lifetime are two of the most popular kayak brands for beginner and intermediate paddlers. Their affordable kayaks are designed for recreational kayaking on calm waters. Both Lifetime and Pelican offer a range of kayak models, but which is the best brand? In this article, I dive into the pros and cons of both … Read more
best inflatable kayaks for dogs featured

Best Inflatable Kayaks for Dogs (2024)

You may think the combination of sharp dog claws and an inflatable kayak is a disaster waiting to happen, but modern inflatable kayaks are actually tough as nails! In this article, I’ll help you choose a high-quality, inflatable kayak, so you and your furry friend can have fun on the water. My top priorities when … Read more
canoe vs kayak featured

Canoe Vs Kayak: What’s the Difference?

Can’t differentiate between a canoe and a kayak? You’re not alone!  Canoes and kayaks have been around for centuries. But many people still can’t tell the difference. Others don’t even know that they’re different and use the two terms interchangeably. Not only are these paddlecraft different, but there has always been a debate about which … Read more

Can You Get a DUI on a Kayak? Everything you need to know Here

While most of us may consider kayaking something fun to do in our leisure time, or a hobby to keep us fit, what happens if you add alcohol into the mix? Can you get a DUI on a kayak and what sort of legal trouble can you face?  You can get a DUI (driving under … Read more
history of kayaking featured

History of Kayaking

Kayaking is currently the most popular paddling sport and its popularity continues to rise all over the world.  But the kayak we see today has come a long way. It’s evolved a lot over the years; people keep finding different ways to use the humble kayak–from recreational paddling to serious exploration across the ocean.  Are … Read more
is kayaking fun

Is Kayaking Fun?

If you’ve been looking for a new water sport, then kayaking has definitely crossed your mind. It’s arguably one of the most popular water sports in the world, thanks to its versatility and ease of access.  But is kayaking fun? Yes! Kayaking is a ton of fun and you can always tweak it to suit … Read more
is kayaking dangerous featured

Is Kayaking Dangerous?

When looking to get into a new activity, it’s normal to wonder about the risks, especially a water activity. The idea of getting into kayaking can be a little scary for a newbie. The sport may be popular but many people still don’t know much about it.  Is kayaking dangerous? No, kayaking isn’t particularly dangerous, … Read more
is kayaking a sport featured

Is Kayaking a Sport?

Kayaking went from being a means of transport in the ancient world to one of the most popular water activities today. But is kayaking a sport?.  People get into kayaking for many different reasons. Some use a kayak to cruise leisurely on a beautiful sunny day and others to go fishing in spots where big … Read more
apostle islands kayaking featured

A Quick Guide to Apostle Islands Kayaking

The 22 islands in Lake Superior that make up the Apostle Islands are a must-visit for kayakers. All of them are part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (with the exception of Madeline).  The Apostle Islands offer unique paddling trails with beautiful lighthouses, the famous sea caves, ancient shipwrecks, secluded pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and … Read more
kayak weight limit featured

Kayak Weight Limit – What Size Do I Need for My Weight?

When you buy a new kayak, you want to make sure it has the capacity to carry you, your gear, and any two or four-legged companions you may wish to take out on the water. Manufacturers give their kayaks a maximum capacity rating but this figure can be misleading. The practical kayak weight limit is … Read more
how much does a kayak weight featured

How Much Does a Kayak Weigh? (And Does it Really Matter?)

There are many features that you should consider when you’re shopping around for the right kayak. For many, asking how much does a kayak weigh can be one of the most important questions to consider.  If you’re a solo kayaker, weight can be a make or break feature because if a boat is too heavy, … Read more
kayak rentals st petersburg featured

The 5 Best Kayak Rentals in St Petersburg Florida

St. Petersburg, or the Sunshine City, is the perfect place for a getaway. There’s so much to see and enjoy including the sandy white beaches, pleasant weather, top-rated restaurants, and diverse wildlife.  You can lay around at the beach, sipping colorful cocktails or you can hop on a kayak and explore the beautiful city in … Read more

Kayaking in St. Petersburg Fl – Everything You Need to Know

It’s not a complete Florida experience if you don’t go out into the water. And what better way is there to explore the waterways than by kayak? Kayaking is the best way to explore the Sunshine City. Clear blue-green waters, pearl-white beaches, stunning mangrove tunnels, and beautiful wildlife; what more could a paddler ask for? … Read more
kayak fishing clubs florida featured

The 10 Best Kayak Fishing Clubs in Florida

Solo kayak fishing is awesome, but sometimes it helps to have a group of like-minded friends, hence the need for fishing clubs. You can learn from other experienced anglers and share what you know with them. You’ll also be able to participate in tournaments and have fun with people who love kayak fishing as much … Read more
sit in vs sit on featured

Sit-in vs Sit-on Kayak – Which Is Best for You?

Sit-on-top kayaks are great for fishing, diving, and recreational use as they’re stable and hard to capsize. Sit-in kayaks are faster and more efficient to paddle, making them a better option for touring. They’re also more stable in rough water. One of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face when shopping for a kayak is whether to … Read more
cedar key kayak fishing featured

Kayak Fishing in Cedar Key, Florida

Imagine being in a small quiet town, surrounded by tons of fishing spots. For most anglers, this would be a wish come true. Many kayakers visit Florida for a unique experience, only to be disappointed by the crowds and development. Angling is supposed to be peaceful—without motorboats zooming past you every few minutes. Kayak fishing … Read more
cedar key kayak rentals featured

Cedar Key Kayak Rentals

Cedar Key is known for its pristine beaches, picturesque views, and diverse wildlife. It sounds like a kayaker’s heaven, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is. But traveling with your kayak all the way to the vacation spot doesn’t sound like fun. That, however, is not a problem, thanks to the various Cedar Key kayak rentals.  … Read more
cedar key kayaking featured

Cedar Key Kayaking

Cedar Key is every kayaker’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by lots of kayaking spots, each one unique and beautiful? The wildlife is diverse and the views breathtaking. Kayaking in Cedar Key should be on every paddler’s bucket list. It is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. This small historic town … Read more
how to repair featured

Ultimate Guide to Inflatable Kayak Repair: Fix a Leaky Boat Like a Pro

While inflatable kayaks are incredible for their versatility and space saving benefits, they are also more susceptible to punctures. So what do you do if you happen to spring a leak? Well, today, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know when it comes to getting your inflatable kayak back into tip-top … Read more
how inflate featured

How to Inflate a Kayak: A Step by Step Guide

If you want to learn how to inflate a kayak the right way, you’ve come to the right place. While you may think that inflating a kayak is as simple as pumping up a beach ball – it’s actually a little more complicated than that. Whether you’re new to kayaking, or you’ve recently made the … Read more
get in out of kayak featured

How To Get In and Out of a Kayak

One of the most intimidating things about starting kayaking is figuring out how to get in and out of your kayak. Even the most experienced kayakers have fallen on their faces at some point—literally or figuratively. But that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing when it happens to you. The easiest way of getting into … Read more
kayak paddle sizes featured

Kayak Paddle Length Guide: All You Need To Know

Oftentimes, when you purchase a kayak, there may be an included paddle. But as any experienced kayaker will tell you, sometimes it’s best to do a bit more digging to make sure that the paddle is the perfect fit for you. For some, this might mean purchasing a new paddle suited for you specifically.  Today, … Read more
how to carry kayak featured

How To Lift and Carry a Kayak By Yourself (And Avoid Injury!)

Kayaking isn’t exactly a lightweight sport. If you’re short on height or muscle, or you’re carrying an injury, then lifting and carrying a heavy kayak may put you off getting out on the water. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! In this article, we’ll teach you how to carry a kayak by yourself or … Read more
kayak scupper plug featured

Sit-on-Top Kayak Scupper Plugs – Why Does Your Kayak Have Holes?

If you have a sit-on-top kayak, you may be a little dubious about the purpose of the holes drilled into the deck. Sure, they might help drain water out, but won’t they also let it in? Well, yes, sometimes they do. If that’s a problem, then you need to invest in some kayak scupper plugs. … Read more
how much wind featured

How Much Wind Is Too Much for Kayaking?

Recreational kayakers should be safe in wind speeds up to 10 knots (12 mph). Winds above 17 knots (19 mph) are generally too strong for kayaking and should only be tackled by experienced paddlers. If you’re sea kayaking or kayak fishing, you should exercise caution in wind speeds greater than 8 knots (9-10 mph). Weather … Read more
are infl kayaks good for fishing featured

Are Inflatable Kayaks Good for Fishing?

Inflatable kayaks are great boats for fishing. Modern inflatable fishing kayaks provide a stable platform for casting and come with fishing-specific features and mounting options. You can use them on ponds, lakes, rivers, and sheltered ocean bays. Fishing involves lots of sharp, pointy things. Pair sharp items with inflatable objects and what do you think … Read more
how to stay dry featured

How To Stay Dry in a Sit-on-Top Kayak

You can stay dry in a sit-on-top kayak by raising your seat, wearing the right clothing, using scupper plugs, and stopping water from splashing into the kayak. You may also want to avoid going out in wet, windy, or rough conditions. Kayaking is supposed to be fun, after all! In the colder months, splashing around … Read more

How to Clean and Dry Your Inflatable Kayak – Ultimate Cleaning Guide

The way you take care of your inflatable kayak will directly impact the lifespan of your kayak. Saltwater, sand, mold and mildew, plus improper storage are three of the main culprits that could cause damage.   Today, I’ll share with you my favorite tips to extending the life of your kayak through proper cleaning and storage. … Read more
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23 Best Kayak Accessories: Ultimate Guide (2024)

In order to really enjoy kayaking and have the best experience out on the water, you have to bring along the right kayak accessories with you. Not all kayak accessories are necessary for every kayaker, however. The gear you need will vary depending on the type of boat you use, and the type of kayaking … Read more
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Are Inflatable Kayaks Any Good? Find Your Next Favorite Boat

Move over cheap inflatables, today’s inflatables aren’t your ordinary pool toys. Over the past couple of years, recreational companies have stepped up their inflatables game.  But could an inflatable kayak really be your next favorite kayak to take out? Today, we’re going to take a look at what makes inflatables such a great substitute for … Read more
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How to Get In an Inflatable Kayak, and Other Safety Tips

Inflatable kayaks can be a lot of fun to take out on a paddling trip. However, trying to sit inside one in order to launch can be tricky.  Let’s take a look at some of the easiest methods to use in order to get in and out of your kayak.  Key Takeaways How to Get … Read more
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Inflatable Kayaks Pros and Cons: Is An Inflatable Kayak Right For You?

So you want your own kayak, but you’re not sure if inflatable kayaks are the way to go. Inflatable technology has evolved so much over the past couple of years that inflatable kayaks provide a genuine alternative to hard-shell kayaks, while being easier to store and transport too.  Inflatable kayaks are extremely rigid, safe, and … Read more
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Inflatable Kayak Storage: How to Store Your Kayak Correctly

One of the main benefits of having an inflatable kayak is the fact you can pack it away in your car or store it at home without having to worry too much about space. And while it’s simple enough to pack away your boat, it’s important to know how to store it properly.  Today, I’m … Read more
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Are Inflatable Kayaks Good for Dogs? Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Finding the right inflatable kayak is key for you and your dog to have a safe and enjoyable kayaking adventure. Even if you have a quality built inflatable kayak, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best inflatable kayak for you and your dog.  If you know that you are going to regularly go out … Read more
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Do Alligators Attack Kayaks? – Alligator Safety 101

While alligators can attack your kayak, the reality is they probably won’t. Alligators are extremely powerful creatures but will only attack if they feel threatened or if they see you as food. Luckily, kayakers are usually not perceived as a threat. Read on to see what you need to know in order to navigate gator … Read more

Do Inflatable Kayaks Tip Over Easily?

Inflatable kayaks can tip over, but it’s extremely hard. Today’s inflatable kayaks are built really well and are incredibly stable. Still, if you find yourself in a situation where your kayak has tipped over, it’s actually not that difficult to get back on.  While inflatable kayaks are incredibly stable, you’re bound to tip over at … Read more
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Difference Between Inflatable Boats and Inflatable Kayaks

While inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats might sound the same, they are actually different. Although the term ‘inflatable boat’ can be used to describe an inflatable kayak, the vice versa is not true. Let’s take a look at the kay difference between inflatable boats and inflatable kayaks. We’ll explore how they compare in terms of … Read more
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Do inflatable kayaks need to be registered

In some states, you need to register your inflatable kayak, but this is not a common requirement. Most states do not require the registration of an inflatable kayak. The size of your inflatable boat, whether or not it has a motor, and the type of motor it has all play into whether or not you … Read more
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Perception Pescador 10 Review (2024)

This is a review of the Perception Pescador 10 sit-on-top kayak. The Pescador 10 is a versatile kayak that’s designed for general paddling as well as fishing. Perception kayaks are renowned for being excellent value-for-money, and the Pescador 10 is one of the best sit-on-top kayaks in its price bracket. Designed for calm waters, it’s … Read more
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Inflatable vs Rigid Kayak — Which Kayak is Right for You?

With so many factors that go into buying a kayak it’s easy to see how it can be overwhelming. The very first consideration you’ll have is probably regarding inflatable vs rigid kayaks – and which is right for you.  You’ll need to know a little more about each type in order to make a choice. … Read more
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Are Inflatable Kayaks Durable?

Inflatable kayaks, by their very nature, do not sound like something built with durability in mind. The last thing you want when out on the water is to get a puncture in your boat – so it’s surely better to opt for a hardshell, right?  Well, you might be surprised to find out that the … Read more
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Bote Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak Review (2024)

This is a review of the Bote Deus Aero inflatable kayak.  Today, we’re going to take a look at Bote’s innovative paddle and kayak hybrid, the Bote Deus, and why it’s a favorite model for kayakers of all experience levels.  lends itself especially well to inexperienced kayakers who are just getting started. It may be … Read more
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Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable Kayak Review (2024)

This is a review of the Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable Kayak. If you are familiar with Bote kayaks, then you know the quality, craftsmanship, and versatility of their inflatable kayaks are unmatched. Their latest model, the standout , is an inflatable watership that is truly amazing.  The Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak is easily one of … Read more
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Bote Lono Aero Inflatable Fishing Kayak: An In-Depth Review (2024)

This is a review of the Bote Lono Aero inflatable kayak. If you enjoy being out on the water then you know having the right type of gear for your adventure is key. With , you get the best of all worlds so that you never have to compromise. This state of the art inflatable … Read more
old town heron 9xt

Old Town Heron 9XT Review (2024)

This is a review of the Old Town Heron 9XT kayak. The is a comfortable sit-inside kayak designed for recreational paddlers. It’s affordable, has space for all your gear, and is easy to paddle on calm water. It’s a great boat for paddling around on lakes and rivers, and the comfort flex seat and stern … Read more
sun dolphin bali ss 10

Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS Review

This is a review of the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS sit-on-top kayak. The Bali SS kayak is an entry-level kayak that’s popular with kayakers on a tight budget. I’d recommend it as being one of the best beginner kayaks due to its low cost and ease of transport and storage. Its small size makes … Read more

What’s the Best Kayak Seat in 2024?

A bad kayak seat can give you one of the worst kayaking experiences. Everything about it feels off and you can end up with bad back pain. A good kayak seat, on the other hand, feels like it was made for you. The padding is just right, it is breathable and the backrest supports your … Read more
nixy tahoe inflatable tandem kayak

7 Best Tandem Kayaks for Your Family (2024)

Buying a tandem kayak for your family can turn out to be quite a task. You think you know what you want until you start browsing the market. Kayaks come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. There are many tandem kayaks out there and not all are great for family use. I’ve rounded up … Read more

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe? A Quick Guide to Kayak Safety

The best inflatable kayaks use highly durable materials and multiple air chambers to keep your boat afloat. Also, evolving inflation technology has only improved the safety of inflatable kayaks. So in answer to the question ‘are inflatable kayaks safe?’ – the answer is yes, absolutely! In some cases, like with white water rafting, an inflatable … Read more
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Best Kayak Coolers: Top 9 Picks for 2024

What’s The Best Kayak Cooler You Can Buy? If you’re tired of having lukewarm drinks and stale sandwiches while you’re out enjoying a kayaking trip, then it might be time to invest in a kayak cooler. But with so many coolers on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. You … Read more

How to Portage a Kayak

Portages are a less enjoyable part of kayaking. Nobody likes carrying a heavy kayak and gear, even over a short distance. It is tiring and frustrating. But kayak portage is not something you can avoid as a kayaker. While you don’t have to love it, you need to learn how to do it. So, here … Read more

Calories Burned Kayaking

Are you looking for a fun activity that burns calories efficiently? You may want to consider kayaking. This sounds strange because when you think about weight loss, your mind goes to the gym. Or some other intense exercises. But going by the number of calories burned kayaking, it can be a great way to lose … Read more
best folding kayaks

Best Folding Kayaks (2024)

You want a kayak that performs exceptionally and is portable at the same time. Unlike hard-shell and inflatable kayaks, folding kayaks offer both of these benefits. But how do you choose a folding kayak? There are many options and narrowing down to one can be difficult. Every manufacturer claims they have the perfect product—they never … Read more

What Size Kayak Do I Need?

The idea of getting a new kayak is exciting. But you can’t just pick the first one you come across. You see, the right kayak size makes a huge difference while out in the water. Not only does it enhance comfort, but it also promotes safety. You want to be able to control your boat … Read more

16 Different Types of Kayaks: Pros and Cons

Kayaking is arguably the best watersport. It opens up a whole new world of adventures for paddlers. You can kayak over the most dangerous waterfalls or enjoy a relaxed trip with your dog.  For all the various activities, there are specific types of kayaks. And getting the one that suits you is not always easy. … Read more
Best Kayak for Kids

6 Best Kayaks for Kids in 2024

You want to have a fantastic time kayaking with your kid. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to get some sun and exercise. Not to mention being able to bond with your little champ and teach them a few things about kayaking. A kayak of their own will help them learn faster. … Read more
best kayak anchor

8 Best Kayak Anchors (2024)

Kayaking involves paddling and movement. But sometimes, you want your kayak to be stationary so you can take awesome photos, fish or just take a break. If this is you, a kayak anchor is one of the best kayak accessories you can get. There are many kayak anchors, and choosing one can be difficult. Every … Read more
kayak fishing tips

25 Kayak Fishing Tips – Become A Pro Angler Today

Everyone seems to be ditching their motorboat for a fishing kayak. Who wouldn’t want to access some of the best hidden honey holes?  Kayak fishing, though relatively easy, can be challenging when starting out. If you are a beginner, here are some essential kayak fishing tips to make sure you don’t go back home empty-handed. … Read more
best kayak life vest

20 Best PFDs for Kayaking in 2024

You want to have a fantastic experience out on your kayak. It may be with family, friends or even alone. But kayaking can only be amazing if it is safe—and that means having a kayak life vest, among other things. If you have been searching around for a kayak PFD, you know that the options … Read more
how to paddle a kayak featured

How To Paddle a Kayak: From Beginner to Expert

Learning how to paddle a kayak as a beginner is straightforward, but understanding the finer points of technique can make an enormous difference in your performance.  Kayak paddling has a surprising amount of depth, but is also accessible for beginners. So if you’re new to kayaking, don’t be overwhelmed – take bits at a time … Read more
transport kayak on car roof

How to Transport a Kayak

Every kayaker looks forward to spending some time in the water. There is a lot to love such as whitewater excitement and the peace of recreational paddling. Others get to spend quality time with loved ones. Kayaking is one of those sports that you cannot get enough of. But before you get to the fun … Read more
Health Benefits of Kayaking

4 Health Benefits of Kayaking You May Not Be Aware Of

What could you possibly gain from sitting in your kayak and paddling around? Kayaking has been around for thousands of years. It was and is still used for different activities such as hunting and exploring. Rarely is it thought of as a form of exercise. How often have you heard someone say they are going … Read more
best kayak trolling motor

9 Best Kayak Trolling Motors (2024)

A trolling motor is essential for any serious kayaker. It feels good to reach your destination faster without getting tired. Kayak trips will be fun because you can focus less on paddle strokes and more on enjoying the scenery. You also won’t have to wish you had four hands while fishing. There are way too … Read more
best fishing kayak

11 Best Fishing Kayaks of 2024

Kayaks are great for fishing. With a solo fishing kayak, you can set off and go to your favorite fishing spot. There is nothing like having some peace and doing what you love. Alternatively, get a tandem kayak and bring your kid or friend along. Catch your food and make some memories while at it. … Read more
best sit on top kayaks

13 Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks (2024) – Highest-Rated by Experts

Searching for the best sit-on-top kayak can be time-consuming and tedious. Searching through reviews, feedback and demo videos can quickly become overwhelming, and it’s not always easy to see which kayaks are worth your consideration. Check out our list of the best sit-on-top kayaks as recommended by experts. We’ve gone above and beyond and collected … Read more