What Muscles Does Kayaking Work? How Kayaking Improves Fitness


Kayaking is a fantastic way to develop your fitness. It’s also a great activity that can scale to both beginners and experts alike! Having a clear understanding of what muscles kayaking works and what it does for your overall fitness helps you get the biggest bang for your buck out of this physical activity.   Kayaking … Read more

Is Kayaking Good for Weight Loss? How Kayaking Can Help You Slim Down

is kayaking good for weight loss featured

It’s no secret that proper diet and exercise are key to maintaining (or reaching) a healthy weight. But exercising solely to lose weight can become a chore – leading more people to seek out activities that are fun, but still help to burn calories. But what about kayaking?  Is kayaking good for weight loss?  The … Read more

Calories Burned Kayaking

Are you looking for a fun activity that burns calories efficiently? You may want to consider kayaking. This sounds strange because when you think about weight loss, your mind goes to the gym. Or some other intense exercises. But going by the number of calories burned kayaking, it can be a great way to lose … Read more

4 Health Benefits of Kayaking You May Not Be Aware Of

Health Benefits of Kayaking

What could you possibly gain from sitting in your kayak and paddling around? Kayaking has been around for thousands of years. It was and is still used for different activities such as hunting and exploring. Rarely is it thought of as a form of exercise. How often have you heard someone say they are going … Read more