Do Sharks Attack Kayaks? – The Truth About Sharks and Kayaks

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Kayaking can hardly be described as dangerous (as long as it’s not one of the more extreme disciplines, like whitewater kayaking). If you follow the usual precautions you have little to worry about. But it doesn’t come without risk, just like any other activity. And when kayaking in the ocean, the risk of running into … Read more

What to Do If You Encounter a Snake While Kayaking

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Kayaking is fun, no doubt, but it can be scary sometimes. Unless you’re kayaking in a pool, there’s always the chance of encountering wildlife.  Some animals, like turtles and dolphins, can make your paddling experience truly magical. But others are dangerous and you can only hope to never meet them. Or you only prefer to … Read more

Is Kayaking with Orcas Safe?

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Did you know that the orca is one of the fastest marine animals on the planet? This huge mammal can weigh up to 6 tonnes and is capable of swimming at a speed of 34 miles per hour!  Orcas, also known as killer whales, are members of the dolphin family. They are as fascinating as … Read more

Do Alligators Attack Kayaks? – Alligator Safety 101

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While alligators can attack your kayak, the reality is they probably won’t. Alligators are extremely powerful creatures but will only attack if they feel threatened or if they see you as food. Luckily, kayakers are usually not perceived as a threat. Read on to see what you need to know in order to navigate gator … Read more