How to Ship a Kayak: A Six-Step Guide To Make Things Easy

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Whether you’re moving or needing to ship your kayak across the country to a distant location, there are some simple steps to follow to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.  This guide will explain everything you need to know to ship your kayak as securely as possible and help you decide if it’s … Read more

How Far Can a Kayak Hang Out of a Truck? Full Answer Here

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If you need to transport a kayak in a truck, but your truck bed is shorter than your yak, don’t worry. You may still be able to transport your kayak in your truck – depending on how much it hangs out of the back.  So how far can a kayak hang out of a truck? … Read more

How Do You Transport 4 Kayaks?

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One of the best things about having a kayak is that you can go with it wherever your adventures take you. Kayaks are small and light enough to carry with your car–you don’t need to own a truck.  While owning a kayak makes it easy to travel and explore secluded areas, sometimes the details of … Read more

Is It Better to Transport a Kayak up or Down? Full Explanation

Transporting your kayak on the correct side is vital to avoid damage and unnecessary wear and tear. While kayaks are made from sturdy materials, there are some things to understand that will help you answer the question: is it better to transport a kayak up or down? There’s no quick answer to this question, as … Read more

How to Transport a Kayak on a Small Car, Safely and Easily

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Getting your kayak from the land to the water is essential, but we often overlook this element of kayaking. If you have any concerns or are wondering how to transport a kayak on a small car, this step-by-step guide will show you how.  There are some things to consider before you attempt to transport your … Read more

How To Lift and Carry a Kayak By Yourself (And Avoid Injury!)

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Kayaking isn’t exactly a lightweight sport. If you’re short on height or muscle, or you’re carrying an injury, then lifting and carrying a heavy kayak may put you off getting out on the water. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! In this article, we’ll teach you how to carry a kayak by yourself or … Read more

How to Transport a Kayak

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Every kayaker looks forward to spending some time in the water. There is a lot to love such as whitewater excitement and the peace of recreational paddling. Others get to spend quality time with loved ones. Kayaking is one of those sports that you cannot get enough of. But before you get to the fun … Read more