Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review (2023)

This is a review of the Intex Explorer K2 inflatable kayak.

intex explorer k2

Having a dependable inflatable kayak is just as important (if not moreso) as having a well-performing hard shell. In fact, inflatable kayaks have distinct advantages over their hard shell counterparts.

For starters, they’re easier to transport from your home to the water. They are also more affordable, and since they deflate down to be more compact they are often easier to store away. 

If you are looking for a reliable inflatable kayak that you can use to quickly and easily get on  the water, then we’ve got a great kayak for you. The Intex Explorer K2 kayak can be a great inflatable kayak to consider for both new and experienced kayakers. 

The Explorer K2 has a great design and it’s built for use on calm waters like lakes and mild rivers. Plus, it’s one of the best 2 person inflatable kayaks on the market. 

In our detailed review of the Intex Explorer K2 kayak, we are going to take a look at all the features that make this kayak a popular inflatable. We’ll also explore what individuals and couples who enjoy getting out on the water have to say about it.

As we go through the nitty gritty we’re sure you’ll see why this is one of Intex’s most popular inflatable kayaks. Ready to see if this kayak could be a good fit for you? Let’s get started!

Intex Explorer K2 Pros and Cons

What I Like
  • This kayak is ready to go. It comes with all the necessary accessories to get you on the water.
  • The easy inflation and low air pressure required gives your kayak a really comfortable feel when you sit on it. It’s not stiff, yet it’s rigid enough to give you the needed support of a sturdy kayak.
  • The included aluminum oars are strong and sturdy when compared to other high quality inflatables.
What I Don’t Like
  • The hand pump can be annoying to use, especially when inflating the seats. But, you can swap the air pump out for an electric one.

Who Should Buy the Intex Explorer K2?

The Intex K2 inflatable kayak was designed for individuals who enjoy getting out on the water to soak in the serenity that comes with kayaking. Although the Intex Explorer K2 kayak can be classified under the brand’s sports series kayak, it was not designed for rough waters. Instead, this kayak is designed for calmer waters like lakes and mild rivers.

If you have a partner that you enjoy kayaking with, then the Intex K2 kayak can be a great boat to invest in. The removable front or back seat allows you to go solo or with a partner. 

If you are someone who enjoys fishing, this can also be a great boat to use. This is because you can bring along your gear and still have plenty of room to enjoy yourself, especially if you go solo.

Overall, if you are looking for a dependable kayak to take out on calm waters then the Intex Explorer K2 might be a great fit for you. Many users who enjoy recreational kayaking every now and then will get a bang for their money with this dependable kayak.

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Features and Benefits of the Intex Explorer K2

So what makes the Intex Explorer K2 such a good purchase? Let’s take a look at some of its most prominent features and benefits.

Easy to Set Up

The Intex Explorer K2 is easy to set up, making it a great kayak for water lovers who hate the hassle associated with a hard shell kayak. When it is completely inflated, the Intex Explorer K2 measures out to 10 ft 3in x 3ft x 1ft 8in. It is compact yet still has enough room to seat two individuals.

In total, this boat has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Because it can seat two adults, kayakers of average body weight can fit in and bring along extra gear without having to worry about capacity. When it is in the carrying pack, the entire boat including the added accessories weigh roughly 30 pounds.

On first impressions, the carrying bag does not seem so durable, yet everything you need to get on the water fits snugly into the pack. It easily fits the kayak itself, and the included two paddles. The carrying pack has two sturdy grab handles, allowing you to carry along your kayak for a good distance until it’s time to inflate it.

When the Intex Explorer K2 is fully inflated, the carry handles on the bow and stern of the boat make getting the Explorer K2 explorer into the water easy. If you have someone else lifting with you, you can maneuver the kayak around with ease.

Easy Inflation

There are two Boston valves with one on each side of the boat. With these Boston valves, inflation and deflation is simple thanks to the included Intex high output pump. It takes just over 10 minutes to inflate the entire boat, but of course, swapping out the hand pump for an electric pump can help you with quick inflating.

Along with the two side chambers, there is an inflatable I beam floor chamber to inflate as well. Like other higher quality inflatables, this is a great feature because inflatable kayaks that have multiple chambers are always safer to use. In the event one chamber gives out, there are multiple chambers that will still keep you afloat until you get back to shore.

There is also a nifty measuring scale on both chambers that allows you to gauge when you have put in the right air pressure. A neat feature of the Explorer K2 is that because it requires a low air pressure, the chambers feel a lot more cushiony. This is unlike many other inflatables that are stiff and rigid. Even with this low air pressure, the kayak is still pretty sturdy.

Great Aesthetic and Durable Construction

The Explorer K2 inflatable kayak has a bright yellow color, making it stand out while on the water, which is great in case of an emergency (plus the sporty graphics simply look cool). Also, if you are on the water with friends who have the Intex Explorer K2, then you can spot each other quickly, especially on a crowded lake or river.

When it comes to the construction itself, the Explorer K2’s interior is made out of rugged vinyl construction. 

Although the exterior is rather durable, the rugged vinyl construction can still sustain punctures. This is especially the case if you happen to go over rough rocks.

If you do happen to puncture your kayak, the Explorer K2 does it come with a repair patch kit.

Superior Performance

On the bottom of the boat, you’ll find an inflatable I beam floor construction that is designed to offer more comfort and rigidity to the boat. Underneath the inflatable I beam floor, there is a removable skeg that also assists in directional stability.

This included skeg helps you track better if you are experiencing lakes with choppy waves. It also gives you greater control and easy paddling when you are on mild rivers or faster flowing waters.

The Explorer K2 is not meant for white rapids and is instead best intended for activities on mild rivers, easy paddling, and even a little fishing.  It performs incredibly well for recreational activities, which  is surprising to some, especially since this is a two person kayak.

Because the boat is not meant for white rapids, it is a bit unusual that there are inflatable spray skirts on the deck. However, the inclusion of them helps to give the kayak Intex Explorer K2 a more streamlined design to go along with the sporty graphics.

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Great Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Intex K2 is as comfortable as it comes for a kayak built for two adults. The front of the boat has a nice rounded hull that makes it easy to stretch your legs while you sit inside it. 

There are two inflatable seats that come with the Intex K2 inflatable kayak. They are a little more cumbersome to inflate  than the rest of the boat,  but once you have them ready, they make quite a difference in terms of overall comfort. 

The inflatable seats attach to the boat through a velcro strap on the bottom. There are also two clip-on straps on the side of the seats too. The straps can be loosened or tightened to give you the right amount of back support as you paddle.

Although you can control the back support offered, the sitting can become  uncomfortable if you are out on the water for a long excursion. Adjusting the backstrap on the seat can help you find some relief when this happens, however.

If two adults with smaller bodies go on an excursion in this boat, it can be a rather comfortable ride. However, larger individuals may find that they require a little extra room to stretch out.

If you do need some more space, the seats are removable, so riders who want to go on solo excursions can do so. All you need to do is remove the front seat. This will give you more space, more comfort, and an overall better experience while kayaking.

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What Others Say About the Intex Explorer K2 

We’ve scoured the internet to see what everyday users had to say about the Explorer K2 kayak. Overall, both first time kayakers and experienced paddlers really enjoyed it!. One user, SteviaOk, was impressed  that the set came with an included paddle and two inflatable seats. He especially liked the sturdy paddle because he didn’t have to dish out more money to swap out the included paddles for a sturdier set.

Another user on Reddit shared how the Intex Explorer K2 kayak was a great boat for bringing along a furry friend. Bickybb shared:

Another Reddit user shared how the Intex Explorer K2 kayak is a great purchase if you are looking for something easy to use without all the fuss that comes with a kayak.

While this user does highlight some common issues with the performance of the boat, they explain that it’s no big deal and not out of the norm, especially for an inflatable 

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Intex Explorer K2 Alternatives

Intex Explorer K2 vs Intex Challenger K2

Like the Explorer K2 kayak, but want something that can offer a little bit more oomph? In that case, we’ve got a great alternative for you. 

intex challenger k2

If you want a kayak with more in terms of performance, easy storage, and ample space, then you might want to check out the Explorer’s sister boat, the Challenger K2. The Intex Challenger K2 takes all the great features of the Explorer K2 and adds on to them.

With the Intex Challenger K2, you will still get a well crafted inflatable kayak, complete with two paddles, inflatable seats, and the included pump. However, if you want to track better and paddle with more speed, then the Challenger K2 might be a better fit. 

The Challenger K2 is slightly longer than the Explorer, but it is also narrower at 11 ft 6in X 2ft 6in X 1ft 3in. This means that while there may be more legroom, the fit will be more snug. So, it’s up to you whether you want to sacrifice some stability for a sportier design. 

If you like going on long outings, or enjoy bringing extra gear with you, the Challenger K2 may be a better bet. It offers a wide cargo net on the front of the kayak, a great addition you won’t get with the Explorer K2.

Kayakers who prefer a sleek boat that can push through mild lakes smoother and faster might find the Intex Challenger K2 to be a better fit.


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You don’t have to dish out big bucks to get a reliable kayak, especially if you are just looking to cruise on calm waters. The Intex Explorer K2 is proof of this. This is one of the best inflatable kayaks to consider if you want a dependable, reliable, and rather comfortable inflatable kayak. 

Plus the great construction is sure to last you well over several seasons if you store it away properly. Think you’re ready to get your hands on Intex Explorer K2? Click here to start enjoying your local lakes and rivers today!

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