Is Kayaking Fun?

is kayaking fun

If you’ve been looking for a new water sport, then kayaking has definitely crossed your mind. It’s arguably one of the most popular water sports in the world, thanks to its versatility and ease of access. 

But is kayaking fun? Yes! Kayaking is a ton of fun and you can always tweak it to suit your style. I understand not wanting to be stuck doing something boring just because you bought all the gear and you have to use it. However, you won’t have to worry about this with kayaking.

Here are the top reasons why you should definitely try kayaking. 

Key Takeaways

  • Kayaking is a fun and versatile water sport that you can enjoy, regardless of your age or skill level.
  • It has a number of benefits, such as stress relief, nature exploration, socialization, and physical fitness.
  • Kayaking can be done in different types of water bodies and in different seasons, with proper gear and preparation.
  • Kayaking has multiple disciplines, like leisure paddling, kayak camping, kayak fishing, whitewater kayaking, and sea kayaking.
  • It’s easy to access and affordable, especially with inflatable kayaks that are portable and durable.

8 Reasons Why Kayaking Is Fun

Anyone Can Do It

One of the best things about kayaking is that it’s not a sport for the chosen few–it’s for everyone.  

When you mention kayaking, many people automatically think of whitewater kayaking and all the wild videos on YouTube. Or going out far into the ocean with a narrow tippy sea kayak. But that’s not all there is to it. 

Finding an exciting family activity can be tricky because you want something that will be easy enough and fun for everyone. Paddling a kayak can be simple and suitable for everyone in your family, regardless of age. 

While there are some kayaking disciplines that are extreme, others are easy and relaxed, perfect for people of all ages.  

Easily Accessible and Versatile 

The other thing that makes kayaking fun is its ease of access. You don’t need to live near the ocean or a big lake to kayak. Any body of water–even a large pool–will do as long as it’s deep enough. 

Kayaking is also versatile, which means you never have to worry about being bored.

Some activities can get boring fast, especially if you have to keep doing the same thing over and over. Kayaking, however, has multiple disciplines and you can vary your kayaking adventures to keep things more exciting. 

For instance, you can go on a leisure paddle one time, kayak camping the next, and kayak fishing the time after that. There’s so much you can do with your kayak, it’s hard to run out of thrilling ideas.   

Kayaking Relieves Stress

Kayaking can help lower your stress levels and make you happier. 

First, kayaking is an exercise done in and around the water. The water has a soothing effect on your mind and you may have noticed that you feel more relaxed after doing water activities. Being out on the water usually has a certain tranquility to it that can help relieve stress. This may seem somewhat ‘new-age’ thinking but it has actually been proven that being by the water can help to relieve stress and boost mental health. 

Secondly, kayaking is a physical exercise. While doing physical activities, your body produces feel-good hormones known as endorphins. These hormones improve your mood and make you feel happy. 

This is why you feel lighter and more peaceful after exercising. Even a one-hour leisurely paddle can give you stress relief. 

You Spend Time in Nature

We spend so much time dealing with life and staring down at screens. What could be more fun than escaping all that to enjoy nature? 

Kayaking allows you to get lost in beautiful sceneries and gives your body a chance to relax. Daily life can be stressful. Sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in lists of everything you have to do and achieve. 

Going on a new adventure in your kayak helps you take a step back and reorganize your thoughts while exploring nature. 

It also gives you an opportunity to see beautiful marine animals in their natural habitat. And unlike big boats, kayaks don’t startle them so you can get close without disturbing them. 

You’ll Have a Better Social Life

Making friends as an adult is not the easiest thing in the world. Everyone is busy and there’s hardly any time or opportunity to meet new people. 

Kayaking is super popular. There are kayaking communities pretty much everywhere you go. If you start going out on kayaking trips, it won’t be long before you meet other paddlers. And the paddling community is warm and welcoming. 

The kayaking groups are great if you’re looking for people to help you learn the ropes. They also hold events and competitions which are exciting. 

It Inspires Adventure

Kayaking opens you up to a whole new world of adventure. Most waterways are accessible by kayaks so there’s no limit to how much you can explore. 

With a kayak, you can explore some of the most hidden waterways and secluded islands, where you won’t have loud boats zooming past you every few minutes. You can go on multi-day trips too. A good sea kayak has enough storage to bring all the gear you need, including camping stuff. 

If you’re worried about storing and transporting your kayak, you don’t have to, thanks to inflatable kayaks. You can still enjoy kayaking adventures with your own kayak even though you live in a small apartment. 

It’s a Gentle Exercise

The rotational paddling movements you make while kayaking may not seem like much. But they do a great job of engaging different muscle groups in your body and giving you a good workout. 

Your core muscles are actively involved in the paddling movement, as you rotate from side to side. A lot of the power for your stroke comes from the core. The back, chest, arm, neck, and other muscles will also be engaged too.  

Kayaking is a fantastic aerobic exercise that engages a lot of different muscles. The best part is that it is gentle. It’s a low-impact exercise, unlike other activities such as running or HIIT training. This means that the chances of getting hurt while kayaking are pretty minimal. 

A Sport for All Times and All Seasons

Kayaking is not just a great exercise for the summer. It’s a fun activity for all seasons. 

During summer, you can take out your kayak to go and cool off in the water, as you enjoy the beautiful warm weather. 

Winter also presents a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy the outdoors on your kayak. All you have to do is layer up properly and you’re good to go. Paddling in winter enables you to continue working out so you can stay fit. 


Is kayaking fun? Yes, it is! 

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable watersports you can find. It’s a low-impact exercise that’s easily accessible and anyone can do it. The sport is versatile and you can enjoy varied adventures all year round. 

Something else that makes kayaking fun is that it offers an opportunity for you to make friends. Joining a paddling community also allows you to participate in different exciting events and competitions. 

So don’t hesitate. Invest in your own kayak and find a paddling community near you to join in the fun. 

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