The 5 Best Kayak Rentals in St Petersburg Florida

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St. Petersburg, or the Sunshine City, is the perfect place for a getaway. There’s so much to see and enjoy including the sandy white beaches, pleasant weather, top-rated restaurants, and diverse wildlife. 

You can lay around at the beach, sipping colorful cocktails or you can hop on a kayak and explore the beautiful city in style. In addition to getting a good, gentle workout, kayaks allow you to move silently without scaring off the animals in the water. 

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Doesn’t this sound great? And you don’t even have to drag your heavy kayak all the way to St. Pete. You can rent one from any of the following kayak rentals in St. Petersburg Florida. 

1. Liberty Outdoors Kayak Rental

Liberty Outdoors will take care of you when it comes to all things kayaking in Saint Petersburg. Most of their products are their own brand–which you can also buy from their shop if you like. 

The key goal for this kayak rental shop is to ensure that people from all walks of life can enjoy the amazing sport of kayaking. They have different packages and all of them are fairly priced.

Liberty Outdoors offer single and double kayaks for two hours, four hours, eight hours, a day, three days, or one week. They also have a fishing kayak package and the yak comes with a comfortable seat, rod holders, and an anchor. 

One thing you’ll love about Liberty Outdoors is that they will deliver the kayak wherever you are. They’ll meet you at St. Pete Beach, Shell Key Preserve, or any waterfront area in the county.

2. North Beach Windsurfing 

Never kayaked in your life? No problem! There’s a first time for everything anyway. North Beach Windsurfing has super stable sit-on-top kayaks for paddlers of all skill levels. 

Sit-on-tops or SOT kayaks are easier to get in and out of compared to sit-in kayaks. They are also pretty much unsinkable. 

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You can get a single kayak or tandem kayak. The single kayaks are great for a solo trip if you’re traveling alone while the tandem kayaks are perfect for paddling with friends or family (they can hold two adults and a small child). 

In addition to a rental kayak, beginners can also get instructions to help them get started. So don’t worry if you’re a little rusty. 

North Beach Windsurfing offers life jackets and paddles as well. 

3. Sweetwater Kayaks

Sweetwater Kayaks have been helping people enjoy water sports since 1992, so you know they are good at what they do. 

If you’re looking for a rental kayak to paddle the mangrove tunnels at Weedon Island Preserve, look no further. Sweetwater Kayaks have both single-person and two-person kayaks. They’ll provide a life jacket and paddle too.

Other than rentals, Sweetwater Kayaks have different types of kayaks for sale; from recreational kayaks to ocean kayaks to surf kayaks. They also have other accessories such as water shoes, hatch covers, and T-shirts so you can go into the water fully prepared. 

If you have never been on a kayak before, this rental shop offers comprehensive kayaking classes for complete beginners. They have tours led by highly trained guides too. Talk to them if you’d like to experience amazing island kayak adventures.

4. Tampa Bay Backwater Tours and Rentals

Tampa Bay Backwater Rental shop was founded by two outdoor enthusiasts. Their main goals are to offer high-quality rentals, help you have fun, and clean up the waterways. You should check them out if you want to explore Saint Petersburg and support this noble cause. 

The rental kayaks provided by Tampa Bay Backwater are hybrid and can accommodate one or two kayakers. If you’d rather have a guided tour instead of going solo, they offer some of the best kayak tours in St. Petersburg. They know all the great spots in the area. 

The rental shop allows multiple durations for the rentals, starting from one hour to eight hours. They provide custom delivery for large groups.

5. Good Vibes Kayak Rentals 

Good Vibes Kayak Rentals pride themselves in offering quality on a budget. 

They offer the Yellowfin 100 for solo paddlers and the Yellowfin 130T for tandem paddling. The best thing about Good Vibes kayaks is their comfort. You will love the comfortable seats and sufficient legroom as well as gear storage options. 

Good Vibes is owned by local experts who have no problem personalizing the experience for you. They welcome everybody, whether you’re a newbie or pro.

Wrapping Up

St. Petersburg Florida is a fantastic destination if you love kayaking–or are looking to try it out. There are rentals all over the city and some of them will deliver the kayak to wherever you are. 

Most of the above rental shops also offer guided tours to give you an authentic Florida experience. So the next time you are in Saint Petersburg make sure to check them out.

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