Advanced Elements AirVolution Review

Bottom Line:

The Advanced Elements AirVolution provides a fully portable, near-hardshell kayaking experience in an inflatable package. Impressive durability and reasonable tracking compound in a boat that will give confidence to novice kayakers, and prove a fun ride for advanced paddlers.

It’s smooth, fast, easy to turn, and likely to support you long-term if you care for it well.



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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Portability
  • Durability


BrandAdvanced Elements
Size (length x width)13' x 33"
Weight39 lbs
Capacity300 lbs
MaterialHeavy-Duty PVC

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Expert Rating
Size13' x 33"13' x 32"11'2" x 37"12'10" x 28"12'6" x 39"
Weight39 lbs42 lbs31.5 lbs35 lbs40 lbs
Onboard Storagen/a7.

Advanced Elements AirVolution Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Almost hardshell quality performance
  • Highly stable and unlikely to tip
  • Easy to pack down and carry around
  • Highly supportive seating
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Lacks foot pegs for leg support
  • Fairly cramped for taller paddlers
  • Removable skeg is fairly flimsy

Performance of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

The Advanced Elements AirVolution is a 1-person inflatable kayak. Experts agree that the Advanced Elements AirVolution appeals to a need for portability and paddling performance. This kayak reportedly packs down like an inflatable, but offers stability and speed close to that of hardshell competitors.

Reviewers like the fact that it performs well in calmer waters, and that it’s impressively rigid at 10 PSI. Besides, it has pressure relief valves that make inflation and setup much easier for you. It’s also noted that despite a small wobble here and there, this kayak is very unlikely to tip in either direction unless forced.

Reviewers also agree that it’s not the comfiest of kayaks, but that comfort is a secondary concern for most recreational boats. Foot pegs, experts say, would be an excellent addition for more leg support onboard.

There’s not much comment on storage onboard, however, the kayak features easily accessible bungee deck lacing and D-rings for gear stowage.

As far as durability goes, reviewers seem to agree that the Airvolution inflatable kayak looks and feels sturdy. It’s made using rigid drop stitch technology and extremely durable materials. With proper care, you can enjoy many adventurous kayaking trips with it.

It’s noted the Airvolution inflatable kayak is a little heavier than other inflatables in its class at 39 lbs, but its improved backpack system doesn’t make it difficult to transport when needed. It also has heavy-duty grab handles for carrying it inflated.

The Airvolution inflatable kayak package includes a fin for better tracking performance, a manual pump, a battery-operated inflator, a duffel bag, and a repair kit.

Expert Reviews of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

7.4PaddleTVDespite being an inflatable, I'm impressed that this kayak can mimic the experience of paddling a hard shell kayak so closely. It's amazingly fast and stable, and never feels sloppy. It's a definite "thumbs up," but the skeg breakage is probably my only low mark.Read more
7.2In4AdventureI tested this kayak for a considerable time and actually found its paddling performance almost on par with a hard shell kayak. It goes against the preconception that inflatable kayaks are sloppy or flimsy - it's rigid, it's efficient, and it's easy to manage. It's not the comfiest fit, but I wasn't expecting much! I'd recommend it for any kayakers looking for portability with performance (and zero compromises). It truly is a "Goldilocks" model.Read more

Handling of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

Expert Rating: 7.5

8.0PaddleTVThis is a high-performance kayak that actually feels a lot like a hardshell in practice (on the looser end of the scale)! It's fast and smooth, and it always turns on a dime. The tracking without skeg, however, is lacking slightly. Its removable skeg accidentally snapped off while out of the water - not a great look! This meant I wasn't able to test the extra tracking any further, but I'm sure it improves with the part attached.Read more
7.0In4AdventureThe Airvolution kayak is fast and smooth in the water thanks to its v-shape, surprisingly so given that it's an inflatable! However, you'll definitely need the removable skeg in place if you want this boat to track well. I wasn't able to test the skeg out first time around, so rest assured; my score would probably be higher if I had.Read more

Stability of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

Expert Rating: 8.0

8.0PaddleTVIt's an impressively stable kayak! I was confident that I'd stay upright in this boat during my travels, even though there's a tiny amount of wobbling (but some of this, admittedly, is to assist tracking). Even during wobbles, it feels like it "locks" from side to side.Read more
8.0In4AdventureThe v-shape on this kayak's hull makes it nice and smooth to travel, but does add a slight wobble. However, it's not indicative of a flip - as it really does stabilize well from edge to edge. I think most people would find this kayak easy to balance - I'd even let my Mom have a try!Read more

Comfort of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

Expert Rating: 5.0

5.0PaddleTVI got as much comfort from this kayak as expected - it's an inflatable, recreational boat, meaning some fatigue is natural. It's got a welcome high back seat that's supportive, but if you're used to hardshell kayaking, it's a step backwards. In terms of legroom, at six feet two inches, I'm verging on being too tall for the boat, pushing the footpegs forward. Pressure points on my legs, too, aren't great, but don't spoil the experience.Read more
5.0In4AdventureThis kayak has a supportive enough seat, but at just over six feet tall, I'm crammed into this boat. It could use foot pegs adjustable for height and leg support - something I think all kayaks benefit from. That said, you're always going to have some discomfort in a recreational kayak over long periods, so I didn't get into this boat thinking it was going to be super comfy.Read more

Portability of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

Expert Rating: 9.0

9.0In4AdventureThis kayak has come on in leaps and bounds over the years on the portability front - it used to have a shoulder bag that I'd tested previously, which was fairly awkward to move around with. Now, thankfully, it arrives with a large, rolling duffel bag that's very easy to maneuver.Read more

Durability of the Advanced Elements AirVolution

Expert Rating: 7.8

8.5PaddleTVFrom the get-go, I thought this kayak looked high-quality; it feels absolutely rock-solid out on the water, too. I think it will need further testing to get a reliable rating here. I expect it'll weather lots of regular trips, providing you don't push it too hard.Read more
7.0In4AdventureThe heavy-duty PVC outer of this kayak gives it a nice, robust feel, and it'll likely endure for plenty of trips provided that it's properly cared for. It's inflatable to 10 PSI for super rigidity.Read more