Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Review

Bottom Line:

The Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 rates well with experts on durability, stability, and overall comfort. Reviewers state it’s a tough customer that, while not the best at tracking, should offer lots of fun on the water.

This inflatable kayak is also notable for its ease of packing and storage, and it’s reasonably fast on calm waters for an inflatable. It may struggle a little in rough weather.



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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


BrandAdvanced Elements
Size (length x width)11'2" x 37"
Weight31.5 lbs
Capacity400 lbs
Material600 D Polyester, PVC hull

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

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Expert Rating
Size11'2" x 37"13' x 32"12'10" x 28"12'6" x 39"11'3" x 32.5"
Weight31.5 lbs42 lbs35 lbs40 lbs28 lbs
Onboard Storage7.

Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Super durable and tough
  • Very easy to compact and carry
  • Inflating and deflating is easy
  • Great value for money
  • Nice and comfortable on the whole
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Isn't the best at tracking
  • May not perform well in choppy conditions

Performance of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

The Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 is an inflatable kayak for 2 people. Experts seem to agree that this is a highly durable boat for the price. This kayak’s material is, according to reviews, tough and robust even on sight, thanks to the reliable multi-layer construction. However, as always, careful maintenance is recommended!

Reviewers note that this inflatable kayak also performs well at speed. Although it may not offer the best tracking experience, it comes with a tracking fin that promotes enhanced performance. That said, they also suggest it’s easy to maneuver whenever required. In addition to the width, the high-volume side tubes also make the Island Voyage 2 incredibly stable.

Comfort doesn’t seem to be much of a concern with this kayak. There’s a little uncertainty over legroom for two riders, but the adjustable padded seats are comfy and secure all the same. Others have also mentioned how much they appreciate the pockets and bottle holders on their backrests.

Reviewers are keen to point out how simple it is to pack down and carry this kayak, and it also appears to be an easy boat to pump up and dry out wherever needed. What’s also worth noting is that some experts feel it’s a great choice if you’re touring with animals.

The jury seems to be out on how well this boat will perform on waters at Class 2 and higher. However, it seems to be a stable and safe choice if you want to take a leisurely paddle across gentle to mildly active water.

Expert Reviews of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

8.4Will WildI love this inflatable kayak - it tracks brilliantly compared to others in its class and is nice and stable. It's easy to get comfortable, and despite a few frayed hairs across the boat's manufacture, I think it's really well made. The quality of protection in the material is easy to notice before you even get this boat to the water.Read more
8.3Matthew TorresThe Island Voyage is a great inflatable kayak for the money, and I'm really impressed, given that it's been on the market for a while. I haven't tested it on rapid waters, but it tracks brilliantly on calmer rides, and it's really simple to pack up and carry around if you need to.Read more
7.6PaddlingSpaceThe Island Voyage 2 is ideal for family excursions and gentle rides. We think it could perform better on the tracking front, but for the money, you get a decent amount of storage, good durability, and an altogether stable ride.Read more

Handling of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

Expert Rating: 8.3

9.0Will WildThis kayak seems to track better than many of the other boats I've tested in a similar line - it's laser-precise. There was an immediate response - nothing fought back against me when I wanted to move it in a specific direction. The Voyage 2 moves much faster than several other boats I've tested.Read more
8.5Matthew TorresThis boat tracks really well against stronger currents and handles pretty much all of the challenges I've put it through - for example, even against high winds.Read more
7.5PaddlingSpaceThis nice touring boat handles reasonably well on calmer waters - it's great for a little casual paddling. It's not the best at tracking in its class, but we found it easy enough to turn.Read more

Stability of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

Expert Rating: 8.5

9.0Will WildThis is a very stable recreational kayak that just feels good to ride. It's highly unlikely you'll puncture or tip.Read more
8.5Matthew TorresThe Voyage 2 is a super-steady boat that, in my experience, moves easily though most wind and weather.Read more
8.0PaddlingSpaceYou may find a bit of a waggle to the nose if you're paddling the Island Voyager 2 alone, as you're going to sit high on the water. However, we found this boat to be amazingly stable.Read more

Comfort of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

Expert Rating: 7.5

7.5Will WildThe seat straps and attaches well to this kayak - it feels really comfortable in practice, and has a nice, high back for support.Read more
7.5PaddlingSpaceWe like the cushioning in the seats as well as the high back support - and the velcro fastening is a nice touch, too. There's no lumbar support here, but we have no real complaints about comfort. It might be a bit tight for two riders.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

Expert Rating: 7.7

7.5Will WildThere's bungee storage as well as a pocket and bottle holders on the seating - which are always welcome.Read more
8.0Matthew TorresIt's easy for me to store most of what I need on board this boat, including accessories, food, camping equipment - I've had all of it on board, and my dog! Read more
7.5PaddlingSpaceThere's some nice storage aboard this kayak, and we found it easy enough to secure our essentials down. The added D-rings came in handy for extra luggage, and the bungee deck lacing is always easy to access. There are a couple of nice mesh pockets and a velcro closure that we accessed during paddling, too. It's not the roomiest kayak in its class, but it ticks lots of the right boxes.Read more

Portability of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

Expert Rating: 8.8

9.0Will WildEverything fits neatly into the bag provided - I'm highly impressed! At under 40 lbs, it's also easy enough to carry around (with multiple grab handles also proving a big help). You'll find this a great benefit if you're trekking a quarter-mile or so down to the water.Read more
9.5Matthew TorresThis is an extremely portable kayak - you can easily compact into into a backpack and carry it around. I found it easy to carry this boat around with one hand, with the rest of my gear on my back!Read more
8.0PaddlingSpaceThis kayak is really easy to carry. It has two side handles, which we think really sets it apart from other models that only allow for carrying from front and back. It packs down into a large duffel bag - it's great for holding all the boat's accessories, but a word of warning: there are no straps!Read more

Durability of the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

Expert Rating: 7.5

8.5Will WildThe high-quality material is impressively strong, which I could tell even before getting to the water. The zippers give tons of puncture protection, too. It inflates very quickly and rigidly. While the stitching is great, I did notice quite a few frayed hairs across the material during inflation. There's a handy protective skidplate to the bottom of the boat which is very welcome.Read more
7.0Matthew TorresThis boat's as tough as nails! I haven't tried using this kayak on whitewater trips, and the nose shape suggests it may not be built for it, but I've heard good things. I'm confident that this boat (from looks alone) would handle Class 2 waters, and I'm keen to give it a try.Read more
7.0PaddlingSpaceThis is a highly puncture-resistant kayak with an impressive 600 denier outer, and a PVC hull. We also like the fact it has a skid plate that helps you to drag it across the beach or ground.Read more