Eddyline Caribbean 12FS Review

Bottom Line:

The Caribbean 12FS is one of your most comfortable sit on top kayak options, and is an immensely sturdy boat that tracks nicely and offers lots of confidence to anglers looking to explore more open waters. It’s an efficient and stable kayak, highly spacious and storage-focused–ideal for carrying a variety of fishing gear.

The kayak also scores well on portability – it’s very lightweight and benefits from tough handles for carrying to and from the car.  The handles also work as a one-handed paddle park. Even from looking at the boat, experts state it’s a robust kayak that will take plenty of rough and tumble.

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  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


BrandEddyline Kayaks
Size (length x width)12' x 30"
Weight45 lbs
Capacity275 lbs
MaterialThermoform plastic

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

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Expert Rating
Size12' x 30"9'5" x 33"14' x 29"11' x 34"9'6 x 29.25"
Weight45 lbs54 lbs50 lbs55 lbs46.2 lbs
Onboard Storage8.

Eddyline Caribbean 12FS Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Extremely durable and resistant
  • Very stable on various waters
  • Nicely balanced and light in weight
  • Tons of onboard storage and accessory mounting
  • Offers a lot of confidence on and off the water
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Not much feedback on speed
  • Built primarily for fishing trips

Performance of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

The Eddyline 12FS scores extremely highly across the board, and this is the case with the expert opinions we’ve curated here. Ease of turning and effortless tracking are definitely the highlights of this vessel. Stability, too, gains plenty of points, with reviewers confidently stating they can easily stand up and fish on various waters as and when needed.

This boat cruises nicely without much need of a paddle, and it is clearly built for performance (despite being an angler’s kayak, first and foremost). There’s a lot of adjustability inside the kayak – which provides comfort, power, and stability all in one.

The 12FS provides much of Eddyline Kayaks’ trademark storage solutions, with reviewers particularly pleased with hatches, bungee fixings, and removable gear bucket features. This is also a highly customizable boat, with dual gear tracks and fixing points for holding various angling tools and pieces.

This kayak is also highly praised for its lightweight build, which, coupled with its performance standards, seems to make it a leading choice in this particular market. Experts had no issues picking up and transporting this boat to and from the car and the water.

Expert Reviews of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

8.2Lancaster County MarineI think the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS is an ideal fishing boat for an angler looking for a lightweight craft with tons of room for buckets and crates. I feel it's one of the best in the line for sheer portability, especially when it comes to mounting on vehicles and taking to and from the water.Read more
8.6Kayak Angler MagI tested the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS with fishing in mind, and it's an absolute dream to ride. It's stable enough to stand up and paddle without fear of tipping over, and it'll track and maneuver without any complaint. It's also built to last, and sitting low in this boat gave me tons more stability while cruising along. I think it's perfect for recreational riding.Read more

Handling of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

Expert Rating: 8.5

8.0Lancaster County MarineThis is a stiff, strong boat that performs exceptionally in various waters. It's extremely lightweight but should be simple for most anglers to manage when heading out on adventurous pursuits.Read more
9.0Kayak Angler MagThis sit-on-top kayak really cuts through the water like a glass knife! It's got exceptional rhythm when paddling, to the point where it's tough to break away. It turns with barely a complaint and tracks impressively on the water. I found it really easy to stand and paddle, too. I can even paddle this boat one-handed.Read more

Stability of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

Expert Rating: 8.5

8.0Lancaster County MarineThis is a highly seaworthy boat that offers a lot of confidence - it feels virtually unsinkable! The exceptional manufacturing here will also help anglers make up their minds before heading to the water.Read more
9.0Kayak Angler MagThe 12FS offers tons of stability regardless of whether you're sitting or standing. The low seat gives me a little bit more stability when actively paddling, too, meaning I'm always feeling confident moving this boat forwards, backwards, or around.Read more

Comfort of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

Expert Rating: 8.0

7.5Lancaster County MarineThe addition of traction and standing pads in the boat's cockpit are nice touches, as are the adjustable foot braces, which are highly adjustable. The frame seat's simple to remove and adjust, and copes with a surprising amount of pressure.Read more
8.5Kayak Angler MagFrom a fishing perspective, there's tons of room on board for standing up and casting lines. The removable frame seat is super breathable and dries extra-quick - and it's comfortably low down in the boat, meaning I get extra power and stability in the bargain. I've even taken the seat out as a comfy lounge chair all on its own.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

Expert Rating: 8.5

8.5Lancaster County MarineI like the addition of accessory tracks on the kayak's gunwales, and there are tons of opportunities here to mount additional gear - it's built with angling in mind. Storage onboard is really easy to access, with front, center, and rear hatches all available while on the move. There's even a built-in gear bucket, a very handy surprise!Read more
8.5Kayak Angler MagAs well as offering stacks of space, this boat is also highly customizable - meaning that, if you're into fishing, you'll find it pretty easy to attach a couple of flush mount rod holders. I also like the bow hatch, something of an Eddyline standard. It locks easily and operates on a dual hinge. There's also a large stretch bungee and a handful of gear tracks for even more items on board.Read more

Portability of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

Expert Rating: 8.5

9.0Lancaster County MarineCarrying this kayak to and from the water is an absolute breeze. This boat's carry handles are built in carbon fiber, which helped me to easily keep balance moving the 12FS up to the water's edge.Read more
8.0Kayak Angler MagThe side handles on the Eddyline 12FS are fantastic - the boat itself is nicely weighted, so it's never a chore to carry. It's all part of what adds up to a fantastic fishing companion.Read more

Durability of the Eddyline Caribbean 12FS

Expert Rating: 8.3

8.0Lancaster County MarineThis is an exceptionally well-built boat - its marine grade construction will likely take a punch or two! It's easy to see that this kayak is built with performance in mind.Read more
8.5Kayak Angler MagThis boat both looks fantastic and lives up to its visuals. It's built from thermoformed plastic, which means it really takes a punch on the water. It's impressively resistant and won't take a scratch or a ding.Read more