Feelfree Nomad Review

Bottom Line:

One aspect is crystal clear when it comes to the Feelfree Nomad Sport – this kayak is seriously fun to ride! The expert reviewers consider this one of the best sit on top kayaks of 2024 and all show that this boat is one tough cookie that will endure seriously choppy waters, and is pretty easy to carry to and from the car down toward the water.

Reviewers also like the ample access to storage, and the fact that you can upgrade it for extra comfort and convenience. It reportedly tracks easily thanks to its high-performance design, but never suffers on stability.

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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


Size (length x width)9'6 x 29.25"
Weight46.2 lbs
Capacity330 lbs
MaterialPolyethylene (medium to high density)

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

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Expert Rating
Size9'6 x 29.25"9'5" x 33"14' x 29"11' x 34"10' x 32"
Weight46.2 lbs54 lbs50 lbs55 lbs57 lbs
Onboard Storage7.

Feelfree Nomad Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Lots of ways to upgrade
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Extremely durable
  • Tracks brilliantly
  • Handles choppy waters
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Some storage isn't completely waterproof
  • Might not be ideal for heavier riders

Performance of the Feelfree Nomad

Experts agree that the Nomad is the perfect kayak to just throw onto the water and start having fun with. Reviewers believe it’s a great fit for beginners, and that few other sit-on-tops in its class offer the same durability and portability in tandem.

This kayak also scores well on storage, with multiple points for upgradability and easy-access bungee cords and dry bag zones. It’s not completely waterproof, but that’s easy enough to adapt to.

Reviewers of this kayak also feel the molded handles and keel wheel make it one of the absolute easiest to store, carry, and move around at will. That said, it does struggle a little on the grain and gravel, meaning it’s easiest to handle on the flat.

They agree that the boat is generally great but recommend upgrading to some of the extras like the optional thigh straps and deluxe seat. The seat offers such an amazing comfort seating system, described by a reviewer as one of the best sit-on-top kayak seats on the market.

It tracks, according to reviewers, impressively with and without the optional skeg, thanks to the proven hull design. It’s made for performance, but experts believe this is one of the most stable boats in its size. In several areas, this boat scores higher than most others – it appears to be a great all-rounder that doesn’t take much adapting to.

Expert Reviews of the Feelfree Nomad

7.9NbroadsmanThis is easily my favorite sit-on-top kayak in this size. I've paddled it in some seriously fast currents - including the Norfolk Broads! I love how resilient and how lightweight this boat is. I'd recommend upgrading to some of the comfort extras, but on its own, this is a great all-round single-person boat for beginners to get to grips with. It's not the most sophisticated, but that doesn't matter - it knows it's built for fun!Read more
7.0Headwaters KayakThis is one of my favorite kayaks of all time - it's really underrated! It's almost invincible - it's an absolute blast to cut through the water with when out on the ocean! It benefits from Nomad's innovative keel-wheel and carry design, too, meaning carting it around and throwing it in the SUV shouldn't ever be a problem. It's super stable and has a ton of storage for dry bags and more.Read more
7.7WhatsSup BoardingThis is a fun little boat with stacks of storage - and it's impressively stable too. There are probably other kayaks in the same line that are likely more stable on the surf, but I had no concerns while riding. It tracks well thanks to its performance-first design and is reasonably comfy over a short while. It's really easy to pick up and move.Read more

Handling of the Feelfree Nomad

Expert Rating: 7.5

7.5NbroadsmanThis boat was never going to pick up amazing speed, but it's impressively powerful for its size and type all the same. It's nice and brisk for how it's built. It tends to cope well with up to 220 lbs in the boat, but performance suffers if it's taking on any more. It's great for kids in this regard. The boat tracks in a straight line and will turn like a champion. You can fit a skeg, but I honestly didn't need it.Read more
7.0Headwaters KayakThis kayak copes amazingly well in choppy waters - it's so much fun to ride. It's small, sleek, and light, meaning it travels through the water with hardly any complaints.Read more
8.0WhatsSup BoardingI'm a big fan of the sharp wave underneath this boat as it helps it track better in the water. The ridged design also helps a lot with stopping waves lapping over the top.Read more

Stability of the Feelfree Nomad

Expert Rating: 7.2

7.0NbroadsmanI think this is a super-stable boat for absolute beginners. I had no fears about tipping over during my paddles. However, keeping the weight below the max threshold is an absolute must in this regard.Read more
7.0Headwaters KayakThe scupper holes are well-positioned across the boat to help keep things buoyant on the move. Even on choppy Pacific waters, this kayak really holds its own.Read more
7.5WhatsSup BoardingThis is a great kayak for beginners - as someone with limited experience on the water, I found this boat gave me very little need to worry about wobbles. There are more stable kayaks out there I'm sure - but they're not likely to be as fun as the Feelfree Nomad Sport. I recommend you grab a life jacket and get out there! It's nice and compact, and everything's easy to access.Read more

Comfort of the Feelfree Nomad

Expert Rating: 6.8

6.5NbroadsmanThe generic seat this boat arrives with performs well enough, but I'd seriously recommend you upgrade to Feelfree's Deluxe seat option. It's one of the comfiest sit-on-top seats on the market. The thigh braces are great for helping me feel more "in contact" and more secure with the boat.Read more
7.0WhatsSup BoardingThe foot pegs make for easy adjustment, which means it was never difficult for me to adjust my knees to add power to the paddle. The scuppers across the boat mean I'm never sat in the water should there be any ingress, either.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Feelfree Nomad

Expert Rating: 7.2

7.5NbroadsmanStorage onboard here is pretty handy, it's got a sizable tank well and a dry bag unit in the stern. The central plug holding a storage net is really easy to get access to. There's also some nice bungee cords and holder mounts if you want to accessories.Read more
7.0Headwaters KayakThe Nomad has a central hatch that's really handy to access. It's a little tough to get open sometimes, but that speaks volumes for how watertight it can be. There's still going to be moisture in here, of course, so I'm not saying you should instantly throw your tech straight into the pod! It's great for dry bags. I also found the tankwell and upgradable storage pretty useful for extra pieces here and there.Read more
7.0WhatsSup BoardingThere's a nice little storage compartment in the center of the boat that goes deep into the kayak with a net inside. It's not totally waterproof, however, so I'd seriously advise packing a couple of waterproof bags to protect your gear. There's a big storage area towards the back, too, for any other extra pieces of kit you don't want to hold in the middle. It's really easy to access.Read more

Portability of the Feelfree Nomad

Expert Rating: 8.5

9.5NbroadsmanIt's small and light for great portability and ease of movement, but the construction is still fantastic. It's got molded handles for ease of grip, and it's nicely balanced in weight. I can easily lift this in and out of the car on my own. The keel wheel is great for moving the boat for short distances, though it'll catch on the sand.Read more
7.0Headwaters KayakThe molded carry handle at the front of the boat is a classic touch. This makes the Nomad really easy to carry along on your own - as does the wheel in the keel! It's really easy to pick up and drag on concrete or flat surfaces - it doesn't do so well on sand or grain, but it's innovative all the same. It also has side handles for two people to carry, a welcome touch. It's really nimble and easy to take with you in the car.Read more
9.0WhatsSup BoardingI like the addition of a wheel in the bottom of the boat - I actually paid a little extra for the feature as it makes the kayak so much easier to move around. It's also really easy to get in and out of the water, too. The handle at the front also makes the boat really easy to handle no matter what you're doing with it.Read more

Durability of the Feelfree Nomad

Expert Rating: 8.3

9.5NbroadsmanThe Nomad is a tough customer - it's built from impressively thick mid to high polyethylene, meaning it can stand up to a lot of damage. It's even used by the Royal Navy! I'd trust this kayak to take me on all kinds of choppy adventures on the water.Read more
7.0Headwaters KayakThis is a boat that's built to be indestructible. It's one of several I've used renting out to kayakers over the years, and there really isn't much I can say about durability - apart from that it'll handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.Read more