Sea Eagle 330 Review

Bottom Line:

The Sea Eagle 330 scores well as an entry-level inflatable kayak at a great price. It seems to track well on mild waters and should offer some comfort (particularly for solo kayaking). Stability varies depending on how you stack up the boat, but it will get most riders on the water and back without issue.

The Sea Eagle warranty tells us this boat is good to last for some time, and it tests well on durability up to Class 2.



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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Portability
  • Durability


BrandSea Eagle
Size (length x width)11'2" x 34"
Weight26 lbs
Capacity500 lbs
WarrantyThree Years (Defects)

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Expert Rating
Size11'2" x 34"13' x 32"11'2" x 37"12'10" x 28"12'6" x 39"
Weight26 lbs42 lbs31.5 lbs35 lbs40 lbs
Onboard Storagen/a7.

Sea Eagle 330 Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Easy to paddle
  • Decent legroom for solo paddlers
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Two skegs give decent tracking
  • Ideal for no-frills voyages
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Can take a while to pump up
  • Its buoyancy can affect handling

Performance of the Sea Eagle 330

The Sea Eagle 330 in an inflatable kayak for one or two paddlers. Overall, experts tend to agree that the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is a good choice for novice paddlers looking for a cheap ride. Its dual skegs help to make this a reasonably good tracker, with good responsiveness.

There’s some disagreement out there regarding stability, but this appears to be tied to solo vs. tandem traveling. Reviewers note that you can expect to give up some stability for added performance here.

Testers also agree that, for the most part, the inflatable kayak is comfortable enough for short rides. It’s soft and squishy (though it doesn’t have foot supports), and tests show that, at least, you can pop your legs out of the boat easily enough to relieve any cramps or fatigue.

This Sea Eagle kayak comes with two paddles, inflatable seats, a foot pump, a repair kit, and a storage bag. You can choose your ideal kayak package as is the custom with Sea Eagle kayaks.

Some reviewers have mentioned that their inflatable boats were awkward to pump up, and there’s even some disagreement over the carrying bag provided. Yes – you can get everything you need to be packed into the carry case without much difficulty – but some users report that it’s not always pleasant lugging it around.

That said, experts come together to agree that the SE 330 is a great no-frills choice if you’re a novice paddler who just wants to try kayaking, before upgrading to something better suited for tough paddling.

Expert Reviews of the Sea Eagle 330

7.6PaddleTVThis is a super-affordable and accessible kayak for people who really just want to give kayaking a go! I find it responds really well on the water, and while it's not the most stable boat on the market, it should suit most beginner needs. It's amazingly comfortable, and I have no concerns about taking this boat out on Class 2 waters.Read more
4.4Gear LabThis is an affordable inflatable kayak that won't be winning any awards for outstanding performance in most categories, but for the price, we found it got us from A to B without many complaints. It's acceptable in terms of durability, and it's seriously no-frills. If you don't want to go for the fanciest features and just want to try the waters, have at it.Read more
7.2Paddling AwayI think the Sea Eagle 330 is a reasonable purchase for the price, likely a better performer on flat water than on choppier currents, but it's comfy enough and holds a fair bit of stability. It works out roomy for solo travelers and isn't tricky to pack away. The default bag isn't the best for carrying long-distance, but I think a simple upgrade will probably fix this issue.Read more
7.8In4AdventureThis great gateway kayak offers adequate 'give' in some key areas to provide a better-balanced experience. I was honestly surprised by how well this boat tracks, though I probably wouldn't take it to Class 2 waters. That said, Sea Eagle knows their trade, and this is a robust little boat that's pretty comfy to lounge on as well as paddle.Read more

Handling of the Sea Eagle 330

Expert Rating: 6.6

7.5PaddleTVThis inflatable boat paddles far better than I first expected! You do give up some stability here for added performance - and as a PVC boat, it tracks well in a straight line and responds quite nicely. The integrated skegs really help in this regard, too.Read more
4.0Gear LabThis boat seems to handle pretty well to an extent, and does keep us afloat - but its over-buoyancy is also a bit of a curse. It doesn't seem to handle waves very well, as we're always sitting pretty tall in the boat (in the two-person kayak edition). It's long and narrow, which can make paddling a bit of a stretch.Read more
7.5Paddling AwayThe 330 seems to move pretty well in calm weather and on mild waters. There's a little bit of swaying to the sides, and I actually think it stands to perform best as a tandem kayak with two riders.Read more
7.5In4AdventureThis is a surprising little performer on calm waters, especially given that it's a PVC kayak. It keeps to its course, and I had no problems sweeping it around when needed.Read more

Stability of the Sea Eagle 330

Expert Rating: 6.5

6.5PaddleTVI think this is a inflatable kayak anyone can easily hop in and start using - it's pretty stable. You still have to keep your wits about you, and it'll take some force to flip - but it might not be the boat for you if you value stability above all else.Read more
4.0Gear LabSadly, this is a fairly unstable kayak if you take it out in windy weather or on strong currents. Its height helps you catch the wind, too - its buoyancy is, again, a little bit of a curse in disguise.Read more
7.5Paddling AwayI generally found the Sea Eagle inflatable kayak to be pretty stable - no tipping here! I think provided you keep the boat well inflated, you get a good amount of buoyancy. It's definitely more stable with one paddler as opposed to two.Read more
8.0In4AdventureI think this is a stable enough boat for most paddlers, it's probably an eight out of ten for me here - it could be a little easier to balance, but you're giving up some stability for added performance. It paddles better thanks to a little more wobble, which I'm willing to sacrifice for. It won't flip unless you force it.Read more

Comfort of the Sea Eagle 330

Expert Rating: 6.8

8.0PaddleTVThis is a super comfortable boat - I find it really easy to lounge in when taking to the water. Its soft construction means it loses a little performance, but you really gain back in comfort overall. My legs are well supported, and the inflatable seat is soft and raised - I never sat in water! The back's nicely raised, and I like it - top marks here. The only downside - there's no foot support system, and the boat tapers a little, adding to fatigue.Read more
4.0Gear LabPretty squishy and generally comfy, it's easy to place the seats where you like, and we also like the paddle grips supplied. However, we did find that - for taller paddlers - the sides aren't particularly forgiving here. We always felt a bit "tippy" thanks to height on the water. We also needed to jam the seats to support them fully. Leaning back and paddling on calm waters, however, was a breeze.Read more
7.0Paddling AwayPaddling can be constricted on the Sea Eagle 330 if you're taking to the water as a duo. The seating is nice and sturdy for shorter trips, but for longer periods, I'd probably invest in alternative seats. It's roomy enough for solo paddlers.Read more
8.0In4AdventureThe comfort here is pretty cushy - you lose a bit of performance thanks to the soft build, but it's worth the tradeoff. While you don't get that extra toughness that you'd expect from drop-stitch, it's a nice, soft raft. There's enough room for a single paddlers to kick around in, but I'd have liked there to be some foot support to help relieve my ankles a little. That said, I just kicked my legs out of the boat and rode as-is!Read more

Portability of the Sea Eagle 330

Expert Rating: 7.5

9.0PaddleTVThis is a reasonably light weight inflatable kayak - I find it nice and easy to carry around. The drawstring bag's really no-nonsense, nice and simple - everything (including the pump) fits in, too. High marks here.Read more
6.0Gear LabThis is a nicely portable kayak that doesn't take long to deflate, and is simple enough to fit back into its bag provided. We like the fact that we can put the foot pump and paddles into the carry bag, too. It ticks the box in this regard, and even at 28 lbs, it's not much of a struggle to cart this around.Read more
7.0Paddling AwayThe storage bag provided with this Sea Eagle kayak is great - we easily fit everything inside that we needed to, and there was tons of storage space left for accessories and other parts such as a pump, pieces of paddles, and life vests. That said, the bag isn't the best for carrying long distances - it only has one simple strap. It does the job, but I think I'd personally invest in a comfier backpack long term.Read more
8.0In4AdventureEverything fits neatly into a simple carry case with drawstring - a no-frills system that worked well for me in practice. What more could you want?Read more

Durability of the Sea Eagle 330

Expert Rating: 6.4

7.0PaddleTVThe 330 really needs a good full test for some serious answers here, but after an hour or so of paddling, I found the durability to be good value for money. It doesn't feel flimsy at all despite the fact there are better-made inflatable kayaks out there - but Sea Eagle is still a brand I really trust. Providing you take care of this boat, I think this'll work well for years to come. I think it'll resist Class 1 and 2 waters easily.Read more
4.0Gear LabIt's a reasonably rugged kayak but doesn't have any kind of protective layers. It's built in PVC and is just above what we'd call pool float standard. That said, we tested this boat with dogs and experienced zero punctures. It's thick enough, but could do better.Read more
7.0Paddling AwayTime really is going to tell with this inflatable boat when it comes to durability. I haven't experienced any damage myself thus far, meaning I'd need to come back for a firmer score.Read more
7.5In4AdventureThis inflatable kayak is built from a nice, thick PVC that should stand up to saltwater as well as UV. The warranty supplied tells you how confident Sea Eagle are in this boat, and frankly, I'm a big fan of their work. I'd trust this to last a few years max if you treat it well and take it to Class 2 waters.Read more