Sea Eagle 370 Review

Bottom Line:

The Sea Eagle 370 is an easy-to-carry, robust, and affordable inflatable sport kayak that ticks all the right boxes, and fits within most budgets! It’s an impressively versatile tandem kayak; great for solo paddling or for two adults on a recreational trip, and it’s comfy too! 

As far as recreational kayaks go, the 370 provides a versatile option; there’s plenty of storage space when you remove one of the two seats. Load it up with camping gear for a camping trip, or pack your fishing gear and add a couple of fishing rod holders to convert it into a fishing kayak!

While reviewers agree that the 370 isn’t the best for high winds or poor weather (it rides high on the water), it’s proven rated to handle class iii rapids and will provide ample support on simple recreational trips, thanks to the adjustable seats.  

A fantastic inflatable kayak for both tandem use and solo kayaking too.



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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


BrandSea Eagle
Size (length x width)12'6" x 34"
Weight32 lbs
Capacity650 lbs
WarrantyThree Years (Six Optional)

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

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Expert Rating
Size12'6" x 34"13' x 32"11'2" x 37"12'10" x 28"12'6" x 39"
Weight32 lbs42 lbs31.5 lbs35 lbs40 lbs
Onboard Storage6.

Sea Eagle 370 Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Highly customizable and comfortable
  • Tough PVC exterior and exceptional drainage make this a kayak that's built to last
  • Very versatile. It's made for two people, but one person can paddle comfortably
  • Multiple packages available to cater to different needs
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Doesn't offer much onboard storage
  • Some kayakers may find the carry bag a little cumbersome
  • Doesn't fare well in windy conditions

Performance of the Sea Eagle 370

The Sea Eagle 370 is an inflatable kayak that is surprisingly robust for the price. Despite appearing to be an average inflatable kayak, this model will withstand spiky rocks and pet claws time and again.

This inflatable kayak is reasonably easy to handle up to class III whitewater, even with its high center of gravity proving a little wobbly to get used to initially. It’s simple for two beginners to get used to, with the freedom to move and adjust the two inflatable kayak seats being a huge plus point.

Upgrading from the Deluxe to the Pro version of this kayak seems to be the better option (though Sea Eagle do offer other packages on their website, including a sport fishing package with fishing accessories and the QuikSail package with included sail).

The pro kayak package offers greater comfort and back support compared with the Deluxe package, and offers more versatility on and off the water.

Experts also don’t seem to be able to agree that this is a truly portable kayak – with one reviewer claiming that the Sea Eagle 370 is awkward and unwieldy to move around with when out of the water. However, others agree that for the sheer size of this inflatable boat, it compacts down into a refreshingly small and lightweight carrying (or storage) bag.

Reviewers also commented on the “cheap” feel of the accessories. The kayak paddles don’t impress, and the included foot pump fails to make an impression too. Furthermore, the onboard storage is either noted by experts as a little bit lacking or is glossed over completely!

Despite its rating, this doesn’t seem to be a kayak you can rely on in extreme conditions. 

That said, all experts here state that it’s extremely rare to find a tandem kayak of similar performance at this price point. Therefore, the Sea Eagle 370 scores highly as an entry-level option for gentler rides, and provides a versatile alternative option to a traditional kayak.

Accessories Included with the Sea Eagle 370

  • Foot pump
  • Clear plastic pressure gauge
  • Two kayak paddles
  • Repair kit

Expert Reviews of the Sea Eagle 370

8.5Paddling MagazineLooks are deceiving - while the Sea Eagle 370 may not be the most visually impressive kayak, its fantastic value accessory pack, ease of portability and endurance up to class III whitewater make it an ideal purchase for adventurous two-person teams. It lives up to its well-known brand and will provide comfort and stability for recreational trips. For more rugged adventuring, we recommend the 380x.Read more
7.8Inflatables GuideThe Sea Eagle 370 is a tough inflatable kayak that's easy to pack up and take with you, and is more versatile than you may imagine. It veers and drifts a little in poor weather and very choppy waters, but it's fantastic value for the average retail price. We recommend the Pro version over the Deluxe model for comfort reasons.Read more
5.8Gear LabThe Sea Eagle 370 Pro is a fantastic budget kayak if you're considering recreational trips in clement weather. It's impressively versatile, and while there are inflatable kayaks that perform better when it comes to storage and portability, we've struggled to find a better all-around option at a similar price point.Read more

Handling of the Sea Eagle 370

Expert Rating: 7.3

8.5Paddling MagazineThe Sea Eagle 370's chines and fins help the inflatable kayak stick to the straight and narrow, making it impressively easy to paddle. It's easy to get the kayak back on the straights after a few rocky spots.Read more
7.0Inflatables GuideThe Sea Eagle 370's handling is perhaps better suited for canoeists than kayakers. That's mainly because it rides high - it flexes a lot on the water, too. Regardless, we're happy with the way this kayak maneuvers.Read more
6.5Gear LabThe Sea Eagle 370 is a smooth-gliding kayak that avoids taking on water thanks to an impressive drainage system. Its PVC hull helps here, and it's easy to keep your balance atop the water while riding. The fact it rides quite tall on the water means it's not necessarily a winner on windy days.Read more

Stability of the Sea Eagle 370

Expert Rating: 6.8

8.0Paddling MagazineThe Sea Eagle 370 is a little shaky in windy conditions but outcompetes similar inflatable kayaks on sinking resistance. It's extremely hard to submerge, even if you want to! Its spray decks help to keep the kayak buoyant against lashing waves.Read more
7.0Inflatables GuideThis kayak drifts and veers a little when winds are strong, and the waters are choppy. Its dual skegs really help to keep things straight and stable, but you're still likely to experience some drift. For the low price, we cannot complain!Read more
5.5Gear LabWhile this inflatable kayak does offer impressive handling for its material and build, it's not the most stable in highly windy conditions. While the manufacturer asserts it's built for class III whitewater, caution is always recommended.Read more

Comfort of the Sea Eagle 370

Expert Rating: 7.8

9.0Paddling MagazineHighly comfortable and protective even in extreme conditions, the Sea Eagle 370 will drain water through its beams to keep you dry and warm, even if you end up having to capsize. Its backrest is extremely supportive, too.Read more
8.0Inflatables GuideThis highly versatile kayak should support you well on most recreational adventures. However, we highly recommend investing in the 370 Pro over the 370 Deluxe, purely for the enhanced back support. Read more
6.5Gear LabWith inflatable seats you can add into your kayak as you see fit, the Sea Eagle 370 is surprisingly roomy and robust. If you want to move your seats around during a trip, you can do so without worrying about losing stability. It's easy to feel a little cramped as there's not too much storage.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Sea Eagle 370

Expert Rating: 6.0

7.0Paddling MagazineThe inflatable kayak's onboard storage pouch should satisfy most kayakers' needs, but it's not its most notable feature. Read more
5.0Gear LabThere's adequate pocket space in this kayak, but you can expect to store much of what you bring with you by your feet. Travel light with this one!Read more

Portability of the Sea Eagle 370

Expert Rating: 8.2

9.5Paddling MagazineThe Sea Eagle 370 is refreshingly quick and easy to deflate and fold into a simple carry bag. The fact you can easily fit in paddles and pump equipment is a definite plus - and compared to the wider inflatable market, it's still one of the most generous when it comes to space.Read more
9.0Inflatables GuideThis inflatable kayak comes with a carrying bag that's surprisingly compact and light in practice despite the size of the craft. It's easy to compact into a travel bag for smaller cars, too.Read more
6.0Gear LabWe found the carry bag for the Sea Eagle 370 to be a little awkwardly-shaped, which can lead to it being unwieldy to carry around. While it compacts well - the bag is truly massive - the design of compacture leaves a lot to be desired compared to other brands.Read more

Durability of the Sea Eagle 370

Expert Rating: 7.5

9.0Paddling MagazineThe Sea Eagle 370's K80 PVC hull proves to be extremely durable when heading into whitewater. It'll handle quite a bit of bouncing and dragging - it's rated up to class III rapids, and it fulfils its promises.Read more
8.0Inflatables GuideThe heavy-duty PVC helps the Sea Eagle 370 withstand plenty of threats and challenges on the water. It's puncture-resistant up to a point and is great for riding with animals. For the price point, its durability is more than adequate.Read more
5.5Gear LabThe Sea Eagle's PVC build doesn't seem to offer much confidence at first, but it performs well compared to other kayaks of similar material. We're sure it could take a knock or two on the rapids, but we'd be lying if we said we were confident about it!Read more