Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Review

Bottom Line:

The Sea Eagle 380x Explorer inflatable kayak lives up to its promises as a one-size-fits-all kayak for flat water paddling, up to class IV whitewater river trips! It’s an amazingly stable kayak, takes a beating, and has ample storage space and leg space too.

Reviewers love the huge capacity of the Sea Eagle 380X; there’s enough room for a single person or even two paddlers to sit comfortably for either solo adventures or tandem paddling.

For anyone looking for a versatile kayak that’s equally comfortable on rough waters as well as slow-moving rivers, the 380X Explorer is a good option.



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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


BrandSea Eagle
Size (length x width)12'6" x 39"
Weight40 lbs
Capacity750 lbs
Material1000 Denier

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Advanced Elements Expedition Elite Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Sea Eagle RazorLite 393rl Aquaglide Chelan 120
Expert Rating
Size12'6" x 39"13' x 32"11'2" x 37"12'10" x 28"11'3" x 32.5"
Weight40 lbs42 lbs31.5 lbs35 lbs28 lbs
Onboard Storage6.

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Durable construction - this inflatable kayak is extremely robust, and the tough material will barely get scratched
  • Compact size once deflated; the 380X packs down neatly to easily fit into a carry bag
  • An extremely versatile kayak, able to tackle ocean kayaking, flat water, big waves, or recreational trips
  • Multiple package options to suit different needs
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Can be cumbersome to pick up and would benefit from carry handles on the side
  • It's not the best inflatable kayak package we've seen; some accessories wear down easily
  • Tempting to exceed the load capacity and harm handling

Performance of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

The Sea Eagle 380x Explorer is an inflatable kayak for one or two riders. Part of the brands’ most versatile Kayak series, the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer is marketed as an all-around inflatable kayak; one you can easily take on calm water or brave wet whitewater rafting adventures! Experts agree that this boat more than ticks the boxes it promises in this regard.

Experts agree that the Sea Eagle Explorer is an impressively robust kayak that will withstand years of regular use without much damage. It reportedly offers a lot of confidence on the water; the three air chambers and rigid drop stitch floor make for an extremely stable boat, with many kayakers claiming it’s near-impossible to capsize.

The on board storage is fairly impressive too, with D-rings along the side offering optional bungee storage with the addition of bungee cords (though you’ll need to store gear in a dry bag if you want to keep it protected). Reviewers love the huge amount of space on board, very roomy for single riders and still comfortable for duos.

Despite being large enough for one or two persons to paddle, the Sea Eagle 380X is also surprisingly easy to compact down and carry, though it’s noted that the inflatable boat could benefit from extra carry rings when fully inflated, but most riders shouldn’t have problems packing down and carrying via car. 

This hard-wearing kayak tracks well, with the removable slide-in skeg offering even better handling. Some reviewers note that it tends to perform better on the calm than the choppy, but that it fares well on both – you could just as easily take it flatwater touring as taking it for a spot of recreational paddling at your local lake.

Versatility really is one of the main selling points when it comes to this kayak. Whether you choose the deluxe solo package, or opt for one of the other package options, the Sea Eagle 380X Explorer kayak offers a solid choice that will easily take the place of having to own two inflatable boats for two separate purposes.

Accessories Included with the Sea Eagle 380X Inflatable Kayak

  • Kayak carry bag
  • Paddle (or two paddles with the Deluxe package)
  • Hand pump
  • Repair kit
  • Slide in Skeg
  • High back seat (or two seats with the Deluxe package)


Expert Reviews of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

7.8PaddleTVThis is a superb all-around, inflatable kayak that doesn't excel in any specific areas, but is worth the money for its versatility! I found it to handle rough and choppy waters exceptionally as well as flat, smooth rides. While it doesn't outcompete any specialist kayaks elsewhere, it's excellent value for money. It's a great choice for paddlers who don't want to buy multiple inflatable watercraft.Read more
7.9Big Sky FishingThe Sea Eagle 380x is amazingly durable and packs down neatly into a bag (we found it easy to carry with us on various adventures). This kayak is likely better for flat water paddling than whitewater, but it still performs well in most conditions. It has a huge amount of space - we found it easy to stretch out and enjoy the ride. What's more, after over a decade or so of constant use, it still hasn't taken a scratch!Read more
7.8PaddleAboutThis impressively spacious kayak is very easy to pack down (it'll easily fit in your trunk) - and it'll take a generous beating from choppy waters. We find the Pro kayak package is a great investment for extra storage and greater comfort level, though it already ticks plenty of boxes - it'll paddle well regardless of where you take it.Read more
8.4TrailspaceWe love the stability of the Sea Eagle 380x inflatable kayak - it will keep you safe and stable regardless of the waters you travel on. Its design is rugged and it'll withstand years of stormy and choppy traveling. However, it is a little slow to handle, and some of its accessories wear out quickly. Read more
8.2KayakingJournalThis stable, hard-wearing kayak is great for multiple riders and stacks of cargo. It will keep you upright and riding confidently on rough waters, but overloading puts you at risk of poor handling even on the flat. Few other kayaks of this size compact so neatly!Read more

Handling of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Expert Rating: 7.8

7.5PaddleTVIt's not an ideal length for whitewater trips, but it performs great and is a lot of fun to handle. It doesn't perform as well as whitewater-specific rafts, but it gives a ton of confidence. It also tracks well on the flat with a removable skeg.Read more
7.0Big Sky FishingThe Sea Eagle 380x performs admirably on both whitewater and calmer spots, but it's arguably better suited to flat water. Its fantastic weight capacity makes it easier to handle in choppier waters, but the more you load it up, the more sluggish it'll get.Read more
9.0PaddleAboutIt's very easy to paddle the Sea Eagle 380x in a straight line, and the skeg adds a lot of control if you're on flat water. Overall, this boat tracks well in most water conditions - no complaints here!Read more
8.5TrailspaceThis is a well-behaved kayak that will track and move nicely even on choppy waters, adding a nice feeling of safety. It's a pleasant ride that won't fight back.Read more
7.0KayakingJournalThe 380x is generally pretty easy to handle, but don't be tempted to fill up the storage too much if you're looking for a smooth ride. It's great for evasive maneuvers, should you need to make them.Read more

Stability of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Expert Rating: 8.7

9.5PaddleTVThe Sea Eagle 380x is super-wide and super-stable - I really had to try to get this inflatable kayak to tip over! I even found it easy to stand up while riding - and it'll handle calm and whitewater journeys without complaint.Read more
7.0Big Sky FishingThe Sea Eagle Explorer lives up well to its reputation as an all-around kayak for the most part. Its large capacity makes it ideal for paddling trips with multiple people on waters at varying speeds and strengths. However, we'd recommend utilizing the removable skeg for added control and stability.Read more
8.5PaddleAboutWe find this three-chamber kayak super stable, allowing us to stand up if needed. It's also really easy to climb in and out of, and if you need to re-enter the water at any point, it will barely tip.Read more
9.0TrailspaceAs with handling, the 380x performs well on a variety of waters and currents, and we love the fact that it feels difficult to roll out of. It's even remained stable and sure in storm conditions.Read more
9.5KayakingJournalA great boat for tackling gentler waters - it really does provide you with its money's worth on choppy waters. You can really feel that this is a Stage IV kayak - and it will barely shift on waters with heavy current - you can't roll in this boat! Read more

Comfort of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Expert Rating: 7.3

7.5PaddleTVThe Sea Eagle Explorer is a roomy boat, even for two people! The pro kayak package offers a super-comfortable seat that keeps your back nice and high. However, there are no foot pegs, which can leave your legs unsupported so might not be super comfortable for long periods.Read more
7.5Big Sky FishingThe huge capacity of the Sea Eagle 380x means there's lots of legroom! You can house two people and their gear comfortably on the boat, but it can be all too easy to overload it. Avoid taking advantage of this extra space if you're going whitewater rafting.Read more
7.0PaddleAboutThis is an extremely spacious kayak with plenty of room, nice and comfortable for family trips or even if you're just taking your dog out! We recommend checking out the Pro version of the Sea Eagle 380x purely for the super-tall, padded, inflatable seats - ideal for keeping upright regardless of where you paddle.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Expert Rating: 6.9

5.5PaddleTVThe seat pocket is a nice touch providing some more covered storage - but there are no separate hatches or holds on the boat itself. The pocket's great for a handful of items, but they won't stay waterproof!Read more
8.0Big Sky FishingThis kayak is massively expandable meaning you can easily store extra kayak accessories if you wish to over time. We recommend looking into attaching extra D-rings if you want to clip more onto this boat. However, the 750 lbs capacity offers a huge amount of space for a single paddler.Read more
7.0PaddleAboutThere's an impressive amount of covered storage that helped with most of our carry-on gear, and the fact that there's plenty of room on board this inflatable kayak also means you can make the most of it if you're paddling alone. Check out the D-rings, too, if you want to attach more gear along the sides! Upgrade to Pro - we did, and got two extra deck bags for beneath the bungee.Read more
7.0KayakingJournalThis vessel can hold over 750 lbs of cargo, all told - which is impressive given how small the inflatable kayak compacts down.Read more

Portability of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Expert Rating: 8.0

8.5PaddleTVThis inflatable kayak is generally very easy to move around, however, it lacks grab loops on the sides. It does have them on either end, though, which means two people can easily carry it. At just 40 lbs for a 12-foot kayak, you're looking at a very portable investment.Read more
8.5Big Sky FishingAt around 38 lbs and with a mid-sized carry bag, this inflatable kayak is pretty easy to carry with you and pop into the trunk of the car. We found it easy enough to carry down various trails on route to paddling, too.Read more
7.0PaddleAboutFront and rear handles on this kayak make it really easy to move around with two people. This kayak handily folds down into around a suitcase size, easy to store away at home and put into the trunk when you need it. We really recommend it for families.Read more
7.5TrailspaceThis inflatable kayak compacts down very easily into a small package that you can likely store in a bag. Simply put in your car's trunk and you're ready to go. It's easy to manage as a single kayaker as well as part of a duo, with front and rear handles making this easier if you're moving the kayak fully-inflated.Read more
8.5KayakingJournalThe Sea Eagle 380x will easily roll back up into its own duffle bag - you can barely believe the whole boat can fit into it!Read more

Durability of the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Expert Rating: 8.8

8.5PaddleTVThis is a well-made kayak that's going to handle smooth and rougher rides alike - it gives you a lot of confidence.Read more
9.5Big Sky FishingWith the benefit of a 1000 denier hull, this is a super-tough kayak that will handle much of what nature has to throw at it. Over a decade plus of riding with this boat, we can safely say it's barely taken a scratch. It's a fantastic choice if you want extra confidence on rockier trails.Read more
8.5PaddleAbout1000 denier equals a good level of durability, and it goes against all the myths about inflatable kayaks being super-easy to puncture! We took this on a few adventures - and the fact it's rated for Class IV rapids means it'll withstand a variety of challenges.Read more
8.5TrailspaceThis inflatable kayak holds up fairly well after several years of use, and offers a rugged design that copes well in many conditions.Read more
9.0KayakingJournalThis inflatable kayak barely takes a scratch! We've bottomed out this kayak multiple times and it's still holding up. It'll withstand heavy use and will support heavier riders in most weathers.Read more