Sea Eagle 370 Sport Inflatable Kayak Review (2023)

This is a review of the Sea Eagle 370 Sport inflatable kayak. 


There’s nothing more relaxing than getting out into the open water with your kayak. But unless you’ve got a buddy to help you load up, a roof rack or a pickup truck, and lots of patience, it can be a headache trying to transport your kayak around. 

That’s part of the reason why the Sea Eagle 370 is a favorite by so many water lovers both young and old.

The Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak packs easily into any trunk space, is quick to set up, and is impressively durable for whatever it is you enjoy doing on the water. 

If you love getting on the water but might struggle with the technicalities of bringing your kayaking gear with you, then this boat is one you should consider. Today, we’re going to dive into a Sea Eagle 370 review to see why it is one of the best inflatable kayaks on the market. 

Read on to see whether or not it could be a good fit for you and your next adventure! 

Sea Eagle 370 Sport Pros and Cons

What I Like
  • When completely deflated and packed in the carry bag, the kayak stores away nicely in the trunk or inside the car seat, making storage a non-issue. 
  • When inflated, the Sea Eagle 730 is light weight at roughly 32 lbs. Because it’s light weight, it’s easy to transport around. This benefit lends itself well to older kayakers and those who struggle carrying a traditional kayak. 
  • The durable build allows the Sea Eagle 370 to feel and function much like a traditional kayak. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Inflation can be tedious with the included foot pump, but you can always use an electric pump. 

Who Should Buy The Sea Eagle 370?

sea eagle 370 kayak

The Sea Eagle 370 lends itself especially well to individuals who enjoy getting out on the water, but cant always do so. For many people, it’s hard to load up a hard shell kayak on the top of a car. 

One of the most common issues is not having the necessary gear or even strength required of loading a kayak to begin with. If you love going on solo paddling adventures, this might be a great fit for you as well. 

Whether you have a small car, don’t have roof racks, or cannot unload and load a traditional hard shell alone, the Sea Eagle 370 could be a good fit for you. This kayak really does away with the nuances associated with a traditional one because you simply inflate it and pack it away.

If you enjoy getting out on the water but often struggle with transporting your kayak and then carrying it out to the water, this kayak might be a great fit for you.

Lastly, if you are just getting started in the world of kayaking, this inflatable boat also serves as a great entry level kayak. 

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Sea Eagle 370 features and benefits

So what makes the Sea Eagle 370 so great? Let’s take a look at its most notable features and how they will serve you on the water. 

Easy to Transport

One of the key features of the Sea Eagle 370 is its ability to easily pack down, store, and transport. If you struggle or have trouble lugging heavy, hard-shelled kayaks, the packability alone makes the 370 a favorite choice for many. This is the case for older couples who may have difficulty lifting up a kayak. 

This inflatable kayak packs nicely into a durable drawstring storage bag. The carrying pack also fits the boat’s kayak paddles, two inflatable seats, a foot pump, and a repair kit. 

When it’s all deflated and packed, the Sea Eagle 370 weighs under 35 lbs. The carrying bag measures roughly 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft x 2 ft and when you carry it around, the weight becomes a nonissue. Both young and old kayakers alike can carry it around.

Aside from being able to carry around the bag with ease, the biggest draw is that you can store the bag away without needing any special gear. 

Store the bag in the trunk of your car or in your front or back seat and you are good to go. This is a nice difference from the hassle associated with securing a hard-shelled kayak onto a roof rack or truck bed. Overall, this is a truly portable kayak. 

Easy to Set Up

In total there are five deluxe one-way air valves to help pump up the three chambers (the starboard, the floor, and the port). 

As you press on the foot pump to inflate the boat, the one-way valve will not allow air to escape making the inflation process a lot easier. Other inflatable aspects include the inflatable spray skirts and the inflatable seats. 

One neat feature of the inflation setup is that your boat comes with a small, detached inflation template. You can determine whether you have put enough air in your boat by matching up the detached template to a template on the side of the boat. When the measurements perfectly overlap, you’ll know you have put in enough air. 

Inflating the entire boat should take no more than 10 minutes. You can speed up the process if you use an electric pump as well. Once it’s inflated, the 370 measures out to an impressive 12 ft and can be carried to the water using the grab handles on the bow and stern.


The drawback of having an inflatable boat is that you lose out on the durability provided by traditional hard shells. However, with the 370, Sea Eagle has put visible thought into the 370’s durability. 

The inflatable material used is a 38 mil K80 PVC and is rated sun resistant and saltwater resistant. Although this high density PVC is not resistant to punctures, the Sea Eagle 370 can withstand a decent beating. If you stumble over rocks while in the water, this inflatable kayak should be able to handle it.


The bottom of the Sea Eagle 370 uses what’s known as an I-beam construction floor. The five tube beams do two things for kayakers. They allow you to feel comfortable and sturdy while on the water, and they help you track better when you paddle

Although you will be sitting higher because of the nature of inflatable boats, it does feel like you are sitting in a hard-shelled kayak when you’re paddling. 

Along with the I-beam flooring, there are two plastic rear skegs on the bottom of the Sea Eagle 370. This nice touch is often left out on inflatable boats, but on the 370, the skegs work as another way to give you the perk of a hard-shelled on an inflatable. 

The plastic skegs allow you to pick up some speed on the water and they prevent from too much drifting. Plus, you will find that as you paddle, you can actually track in the direction you want to go without wasting away your paddling efforts. 


As far as inflatable kayaks go, the comfort on the Sea Eagle 370 beats many similar models on the market. The only main downside here is that while the Sea Eagle 370 advertises it can hold up to three passengers or 650 lbs, it’s better to only get two passengers in. You’re going to sacrifice some serious comfort and leg space if you try bringing three people on board. 

Two adults and a small child or a dog can ride comfortably for several hours in the inflatable seats. However, for longer excursions, you can start to deal with some leg cramping because of the limited leg room. When this happens, however, you do have the option of (comfortably) swinging your legs on either side of the boat and you should be fine. 

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What others say about the Sea Eagle 370

On our quest to find a great inflatable kayak, we’ve also scoured the internet to see what other users of the Sea Eagle 370 think about it. 

The final verdict? It’s fair to say that overall, users of all ages agree that this is a great model to use if you are looking for a good starter kayak. It’s also a great kayak to go with if you want to get rid of the nuances associated with a traditional hard shell. One reddit user highlights the ease of transport associated with the Sea Eagle 370: 

Another user highlights the stability of the Sea Eagle 370. However the user does remind buyers that at the end of the day, inflatable kayaks are just that and are susceptible to holes if not used properly. This, of course, is to be expected. 

Another user online, SteveieB, shares that while his main downfall with the inflatable kayak is that there can be inconsistencies with tracking, especially on windy days, the overall purchase is worth the money as the kayak is an affordable option that offers a quality build and good feel while on the water. 

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Sea Eagle 370 Alternatives 

Sea Eagle 370 vs 330

sea eagle 330 kayak

If the Sea Eagle 370 seems to be a bit larger than your needs require, then you may want to take a look at the Sea Eagle 330. The 330 is the little sister of the 370 in the sense that it has all the features of the 370, but is a bit smaller. 

The 330 weighs lighter than the 370 at just 26 lbs. Along with that, it’s designed for individuals or smaller sized adults who don’t need all the space the 370 provides. 

While the 370 is built more for enjoying water sports like rafting and fishing, the 330 makes for a great inflatable boat for those who are just getting started out in the water. Although it is still rated up to Class III when it comes to white water rafting. 

This entry level inflatable kayak stays true to the quality of Sea Eagle yet does away with intimidating features. You will still have the inflatable I-beam construction making this boat rather sturdy and a solid choice if you do want to bring on your fishing gear. 

The interior of the boat measures out to 9’ 6” x 15” and can comfortably hold one paddler and a child or two smaller adults. While the weight max is 500 lbs, this boat really is best suited for individuals who like to get out on the water alone. You’ll have more leg room this way, and it will feel more comfortable overall. 

Like the 370, it packs quickly and stores nicely. Inflation time is just under ten minutes with the foot paddle, but of course using an electric pump will get you going in about five minutes. 

You will still find the great features of the 370 on the Sea Eagle 330. They include the inflatable skirts, the two plastics skegs on the rear for better tracking, 

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There are certainly some stand out features with the Sea Eagle 370 that make it hard to ignore. Through its quality material and great design, you can mimic some of the benefits found in a hard shell in this inflatable kayak. 

The Sea Eagle 370’s functionality and ease-of-use are especially helpful for outdoor lovers who enjoy exploring alone or for older couples who don’t want to deal with the hassle of lifting and securing a heavy hard-shell kayak. 

To check the different packages available for the Sea Eagle 370, click here. If you have one already, let us know in the comments section below what you love about it!

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