Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable Kayak Review (2024)

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This is a review of the Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable Kayak.

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If you are familiar with Bote kayaks, then you know the quality, craftsmanship, and versatility of their inflatable kayaks are unmatched. Their latest model, the standout Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak, is an inflatable watership that is truly amazing. 

The Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak is easily one of the most versatile inflatable kayaks for sale. You can take it out in its solo configuration, or tack on the optional second seat for a tandem setup. Also, use it as a kayak or paddle board and bring it on your next family getaway for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

This inflatable kayak features an impressive design. It’s construction is fit for any intermediate or advanced kayaker. At the same time, there are no overwhelming features, which makes the Bote Zeppelin a great inflatable kayak for beginners too. 

Today, we are going to take a look at what makes the Bote Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak one of the best on the market. After our detailed review of the Zeppelin Aero, we’ll take a look at what other users have to say about this inflatable watership. 

Read on to see if the Zeppelin Aero could be your next favorite inflatable kayak. 

Bote Zeppelin Aero Pros and Cons

As a whole, the Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable kayak offers some great benefits with very few drawbacks. The very few drawbacks that do exist are easily remedied and don’t impact the performance of the boat. Right off the bat, here are some key features to consider.

What I Like
  • This is truly a versatile kayak. Switch up the way you want to use it, who you want to bring, and how you want to outfit it. 
  • The large seat dimensions (18.75″ H × 25″ W × 22″D) offer an incredibly comfortable ride with the ability to move around freely. Plus, there are many seat configurations on the removable floor chamber. 
  • The two slide in rac receivers allow you to outfit your kayak with your favorite accessories. Tailor your Bote Zeppelin exactly to your liking. 
  • The innovative MagnePod technology allows you to secure your magnetic drinkware easily. The magnetic base secures your drink ware or other metal objects and they won’t detach or fall off your boat. 
What I Don’t Like
  • The Bote Zeppelin paddle is designed specifically for kayaking and lacks a proper handle for paddle boarding. However, SUP paddlers likely already have their own paddle at home that they can swap out the included paddle with. 

Who Should Buy the Bote Zeppelin Aero?

The Bote Zeppelin is a beautifully designed kayak and paddle board hybrid. If you are someone who enjoys both types of water activities, this would be a great fit for you. If your family loves the water too, this is a great boat that is kid friendly. 

There’s lots of room in the cockpit to stand up and move around in. Because the Bote Zeppelin can also hold up to 600lbs, it’s a great inflatable for water lovers who enjoy going out with a partner or furry friend. 

This is also a great boat for kayakers who enjoy sitting high on a kayak. The included inflatable Aero paddle seat is fully adjustable to your liking. Plus, you won’t feel constrained in the kayak like you would with a traditional hard shell. You’ll have the ability to move around freely and even stand up if you want to stretch your legs. 

Because the Zeppelin aero inflatable kayak is so easy to get accustomed to, it’s a great fit for beginner kayakers. This versatile kayak can transition from calm river waters to beach waves. Whatever your comfort or skill level, this inflatable kayak will meet you there. The Bote Zeppelin welcomes the solo kayaker and tandem alike, without disappointment. 

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Bote Zeppelin Aero: Product Features and Benefits

Ready to get into the nitty gritty of the Bote Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak? Let’s take a deeper dive into the features and benefits that make the Bote Zeppelin Aero stand out. 

We’ll look at some specific feature only offered by the inflatable Zeppelin. Also, we’ll take a look at how this boat stacks up in terms of construction, comfort, and performance.

Set Up

The Zeppelin Aero Inflatable Kayak is one of the best kayaks to unpack, inflate, and carry out to the water. The Bote Zeppelin Aero comes in a sturdy travel bag that is spacious enough to tote around your kayak, paddle, and additional accessories. Fully packed, the travel bag dimensions are 38.6″ H × 28″ W × 14.2″ D and the bag weighs 50 lbs. 

The Bote Zeppelin inflatable kayak has three inflatable chambers along with a removable floor chamber. Inflation is easy and quick with the included Bote hand pump. Though the kayak is also compatible with high pressure pumps capable of adapting to the Halkey Robers inflation valves. High pressure pumps will of course allow for easier inflation.

The Bote Zeppelin Aero will measure out to 12′6″ L × 38″ W × 9″ D fully inflated. The removable floor requires a recommended 10 – 15 PSI inflation while the two pontoon side chambers require a recommended 2 – 3 PSI inflation. 

When you deflate your Bote Zeppelin Aero and store it away, the travel bag offers quick and easy storage. You can tuck the travel bag in the trunk of your car and set out to your destination. The Bote Zeppelin Aero offers optimal portability that keeps you from needing a roof mounting system. 

If you are going on a trip, you can bring along this travel bag even if you have a smaller vehicle, using public transportation, or are going on a flight. With the bag dimensions, most airlines will have no issue with you checking in your packed kayak the way you would any other luggage. 

Impressive Versatility

The Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak is another one of the most versatile kayak models in the Bote inflatable kayaks lineup. The Bote Zeppelin can serve as both a paddle board or a kayak, giving you the option of how you want to enjoy the water. 

Another reason users rave about this versatile kayak is the ability to add on an optional second seat. Solo kayakers and tandem alike love this versatility of being able to bring along a buddy. 

At both ends of the boat, you will find a small spray skirt that keeps unwanted water from coming into your kayak if you hit rough waters. When this does happen, no worries about getting wet thanks to the self draining hull. There are several bailing holes on the front of the boat that will shed water and keep your stern from collecting as you paddle. 

Lastly, you can move in and out of the boat effortlessly with the grab handles surrounding the Bote Zeppelin Aero. If you jump into the water, these sturdy grips help you to climb back on without difficulty. 

The handles are also really comfortable for carrying the boat in and out of your launch area too. You will have no more numb fingers thanks to the redesigned grip handles. This new construction offers the most comfortable grab handle to tote your kayak with. 

Quality Drop Stitch Construction

If you are familiar with Bote inflatable kayaks, then you know their kayaks provide excellent rigidity and stability. This is thanks to  their drop stitch construction. The Bote Zeppelin is no different. 

With drop stitch inflation, there are thousands of tiny fibers that connect the top of the board with the bottom. This results in less bounce and more rigidity. You will feel this rigidity in the form of stability when you are kayaking, paddle boarding, and tandem paddling. 

The rigid and sturdy construction also lends well to the durability of the boat. The drop stitch core is reinforced with a durable material grade PVC composite layer. This layer renders the kayak virtually puncture proof. It can withstand scratches and rough surfaces like oyster beds and rocky bottoms. 

If you do find yourself dealing with a puncture, however, there is an included repair kit. The repair kit offers adhesive patches and paste. There is also a wrench to tighten up your HR valves if they come loose over time. 

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Superior Performance

The overall construction of the Zeppelin Aero allows it to perform exceptionally well on a variety of bodies of water. Performance is credited to the quality crafted underside. On the underside of the kayak, there are three fins. 

There are two smaller permanent plastic molded side fins that limit rocking while you paddle or during windy days. 

There is also a removable six inch center fin to help with tracking. Compared to the roughly two inch side fins that help with stability, the center fin is great for long excursions. The center fin will give you a smoother paddling experience that will be noticed if you are out for a long stretch. 

On the front underside of the Bote Zeppelin, the plastic keel guard is perhaps the biggest reason for a smooth ride. The keel guard on the kayak helps to break the water for better tracking.

Even inexperienced kayakers will be able to paddle in a straight line without veering too far in either direction. This fantastic stability applies regardless if it’s just one or two paddlers on the kayak. 

Comfort Features Throughout 

The Bote Zeppelin inflatable kayak is certainly one of the most comfortable kayaks not just in the Bote lineup, but in the world of inflatable kayaks overall. The inflatable Aero paddle seat is removable, adjustable, and is elevated above the floor so that you’re never sitting in a pool of water. 

There are different attachment points on the base of the kayak for a single seat and for the optional second seat. These attachment points offer different configurations so that you can find the best seat set up for whoever you are going out with. 

The different attachment points will also allow you to easily adjust your seat while you are on the water. 

The Seat dimensions come out to 18.75 inches high x 25 inches wide so there’s plenty of opportunities to move around. And because the seats also offer a drop stitch construction, you won’t deal with droopy seats that settle under you. 

On the back of the seat, you will find a nice storage pocket to slide in things like your phone or wallet. There are also several molly chains that allow you to clip on any extra gear that you have. 

The comfort of the kayak is extended to the Aero Bote constructed removable floor as well. The surface of the removable floor chamber is made out of Bote’s signature multi-textured deck pad that is heat sealed with the iconic B logo. 

The surface of the deck pad features anti-slip traction that’s cushioned to reduce fatigue. Whether you are standing or using it as an SUP, you will feel you are on a sturdier watercraft, giving you the confidence to trust it in a variety of settings. 

Ample Storage

On the deck pad of the Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak, you will find adjustable bungee cords. These cords will keep any other gear that you bring along with you nice and snug. 

Behind the inflatable seat, you will find your two tackle rac receivers that slide in, perfect if you want to add in any of your favorite accessories. Bote recommends the bucket rac for their Zeppelin boat. 

Another great feature of the Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak is the velcro paddle staps. The straps keep your paddles safely secured onto the side of your boat. If you are out with a buddy you can both secure your paddle on either side of the board if you want to take a break and lounge for a bit. 

At the front of the boat, you also have the luxury of accessory mounting points. These points will allow you to attach any 1 / 4:20 accessory attachments like a GoPro or other compatible device. 

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What Others Say About the Bote Zeppelin Aero 

Although the Bote Zeppelin Aero speaks for itself, we’ve scoured the internet to see what other users think about this inflatable kayak. Overall, users are impressed. One U.S. verified user on Bote’s site shares, 

“The construction is top notch. Even if it won’t set any speed records, it is remarkably versatile. I use it for fishing, solo, tandem, still lake, and minor river rapids.”

Another Reddit user also remarks on the stability and room offered in the Bote Zeppelin Aero. This user explains, 

Overall, the Bote Zeppeli Aero delivers in terms of comfort and performance. With its standout construction, self draining hull, accessory attachment options, and adjustable seats, you get a really solid inflatable kayak. 

Several users also shared how helpful the Bote customer service team is. Many users who had trouble setting up their Bote Zeppelin Aero for the first time enjoyed how easy it is to get help. Bote offers available contact through their Arrow Live Chat service as well as email. 

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Our extensive review of the Bote Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak fits right alongside what other users have to say about this boat. Its main feature is undoubtedly its ability to be the most versatile kayak possible. There are so many ways you can enjoy this boat. 

What we love about Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable kayak is the fact that you will have little to no trouble paddling no matter your skill. There is plenty of room for you to move around so that you can learn at your own comfort level how to paddle in different conditions. 

We also like how the high quality construction makes the Zeppelin incredibly stable, even on beaches where the waves can get a little high. Take it out on a river, a remote location, or your nearby lake for a day full of adventure and fun. 

If you love experiencing the water in a variety of ways, then this might be the best kayak for you. 

Join the many satisfied users who love their Zeppelin Aero by clicking here to get your own.

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