Is a Kayak Considered a Boat?

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When it comes to kayaks, there’s usually some confusion concerning their classification. Water vessels come in all shapes and sizes–from large cruise and cargo ships to rafts, paddle boards, and kayaks.  Smaller vessels like kayaks have their own classification; they’re definitely not ships, but are kayaks boats? Knowing how water vessels are classified is important … Read more

Kayaking Rules and Regulations Every Kayaker Needs to Know

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Kayaking, for many people, means tranquility and freedom. You can escape to a world of your own for a few hours, a full day, or multiple days. Depending on where you’ll be paddling, you may not even have to interact with anyone other than your kayaking partner.  But while many people don’t know this, there … Read more

Is a Kayak a Personal Watercraft? Everything You Need To Know

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Getting your head around the legal classifications of watercraft can be a bit confusing, and what applies to one state doesn’t always apply to another.  But is a kayak a personal watercraft? The answer depends on where you are drawing your definition of personal watercraft. In very broad terms, a kayak is a form of … Read more

Can You Get a DUI on a Kayak? Everything you need to know Here

While most of us may consider kayaking something fun to do in our leisure time, or a hobby to keep us fit, what happens if you add alcohol into the mix? Can you get a DUI on a kayak and what sort of legal trouble can you face?  You can get a DUI (driving under … Read more