Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Review

Bottom Line:

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is touted as a storage sensation – it’s absolutely packed with dry storage, gear rails, and a central console for keeping fish finder and tackleboxes in check.

However, the boat also scores highly with experts on general stability, as well as for its intuitive rudder system – easy to work via foot braces on calmer waters. It scores reasonably well on comfort, though there’s split opinion on whether or not you have enough space to work with.



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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


Size (length x width)11'6" x 33"
Weight84 lbs
Capacity425 lbs

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Pelican Sentinel 100X Angler Old Town Topwater 120 Hobie Mirage Outback Vibe Sea Ghost 130
Expert Rating
Size11'6" x 33"9'5" x 30"12' x 33.5"12'9" x 34"13' x 33"
Weight84 lbs44 lbs82 lbs85 lbs75 lbs
Onboard Storage8.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • One of the most storage-rich kayaks for its price
  • Stable enough for standing fishing
  • Comfortable for day-long trips
  • Light and easy to carry and store
  • Great for beginners
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Central console, while handy, may be cumbersome
  • Never going to be the fastest boat

Performance of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Vibe’s Sea Ghost kayaks always seem to perform well with paddlers who want to take stacks of gear with them on their travels – and the Sea Ghost 110’s central console is crammed with gear tracks and hidden compartments, which experts feel is a fantastic setup for all kinds of dry tackle and tech.

What really appeals to experts reviewing the Sea Ghost 110 is how convenient and reliable the boat is on rougher fishing trips. It’s a kayak that’s clearly built with the discerning angler in mind, with various storage nooks easy to access from your seat.

This seems to be a great value boat for keen anglers who need a little more customization from their kayaks. It’s stacked to the brim with rod holders, rails and dry storage, and for our experts, that means there’s next to no need to upgrade anything along the way. If you’re looking for a fishing kayak fit-to-go without the need for expensive upgrades, it’s probably a solid choice.

Experts feel this kayak is great for anyone going fishing on rougher waters and in heavy weather. The foot-control rudder seems to give a lot more confidence in maneuvering back to the paddler, meaning it’s likely a boat easier than most to get out of tight spots.

With tight turns and durability, however, you can expect a little bit of slowdown. That said, if you’re looking for a speedy touring kayak, you’re probably going to shop elsewhere (and for good reason).

Any anglers struggling with water ingress in their current boats may find the evenly-spaced scuppers and drainage onboard to be huge relief points. You’ll need to plug them if you really want to stay dry, but for the most part, keeping your gear safe doesn’t seem to be a large worry.

Kayakers who want to fish but still retain speed and control amid the waves will no doubt benefit from the Sea Ghost 110’s reported stability on the primary and secondary. It’s very unlikely to tip, and you can easily stand – just make sure to take care around the central console when you do.

There are no huge complaints from experts on comfort here, though the central console may be a little restrictive if you want maximum legroom or space to stand. Vibe’s famous “Hero Seat” seems to more than make up for this with fantastic breathability and elevation, meaning anglers won’t get too wet (if at all) on choppier travels.

Kayakers who struggle to get bulky and awkward boats on their roof racks or back in storage will also find the folding chair appealing here. Picking up and moving this boat seems to be nice and easy, and flush features mean if you do want to store it via car rack, it won’t stick out and cause any problems en route. There are handles all around, too, meaning carrying between two shouldn’t be a burden.

The sheer variety of storage onboard the Sea Ghost 110 means it’ll probably appeal to weighed-down anglers first and foremost, especially as there are large hatches, paddle bays, bungees, and console compartments to sneak tons of cargo away in. Just be wary of the max capacity of 425 lbs!

Experts generally agree this is a smaller alternative to the Sea Ghost 130, which boasts similar storage potential and is just as easy to handle on tougher trips.

Expert Reviews of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

7.9Cornish Kayak AnglerThis is a great little fishing kayak that really lives up to the promises of the brand. It's really feature-rich and I think it's one of the most customizable boats for beginners. The flat hull should give new paddlers lots of confidence. It really does have it all.Read more
7.3Out West With ChrisThis boat's really grown on me over several months. I'd initially assumed this was an everyday budget kayak - it's great value, but it does much more on the water than its appearance might suggest! Read more
8.2Strike-Zone FishingThis is a super feature-heavy boat that's ideal for long fishing trips. I like that I can access pretty much everything I need from my seat - and the foot pedal rudder is an amazing addition to an already responsive kayak.Read more

Handling of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Expert Rating: 8.0

7.5Cornish Kayak AnglerThis is a solid boat for inland and flat water trips, particularly if you're out fishing on slow moving canals and rivers. Its rounded bow doesn't make it speedy by any means, but you get a lot of comfort and stability in return. It's actually a pretty dry ride on the whole. I really think the Vibe rudder is a solid addition to this boat - it helps to keep the kayak turning well in fast winds (and you can control it from your seat!).Read more
7.5Out West With ChrisThis is a nimble fishing boat that tracks well in most waters I've tested it in. The rudder is a nice little touch that helps keep it easy to manuever.Read more
9.0Strike-Zone FishingThis is a great boat for handling and maneuvering tight spots thanks to its intuitive rudder - a nice touch. It's light, tight, and turns when I want it to. That, and I can easily turn the boat via foot pedals from a seated position.Read more

Stability of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Expert Rating: 7.0

7.0Cornish Kayak AnglerThe flat hull benefits from tons of stability, thanks to its balanced width and length. The weight capacity is impressive for the boat's size, and It copes with slightly choppier waters well enough. Scupper holes are well spaced apart and are easy enough to plug if needed.Read more
7.0Out West With ChrisThis is a brilliantly stable boat! Secondary stability in the upright position holds well - and I was really surprised to see that standing up doesn't cause much of a wobble. That said, without the center console, it'd be a perfect standing boat.Read more

Comfort of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Expert Rating: 7.7

7.5Cornish Kayak AnglerThe Vibe Hero seat is lightweight and raised up, meaning I've never sat in the water while paddling - it's like a deckchair. It's super adjustable if you want to sit low for stability, or need to fold it down for storage. It's solid and well-fitted. Bracing against the foot braces and using the rudder is always nice and comfortable.Read more
7.0Out West With ChrisThe seat here's pretty comfortable. It's simple to adjust at two different levels, with the upper height being a great choice for extra visibility. That said, this kayak could really use more deck space - for all the features you get, you miss out on extra room.Read more
8.5Strike-Zone FishingThe mesh seat is nice and solid and is elevated to keep you out of the water. This kept me really cool and dry on trips where was out for most hours of the day.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Expert Rating: 8.8

9.5Cornish Kayak AnglerThe front hatch is a great size and is easy to access, with a removable bag inside if you need more space. I regularly store a trolley under here - and it's seriously waterproof thanks to its tough lid and drainage channels. I also like that accessory mounts for extra gear. The Vibe Versa console is a really cool piece of kit - it's intuitively designed for all kinds of tools and fishing gear, and it's well-protected against the water. It's absolutely bursting with storage options (even a fish finder mount)! There's also a handy screw hatch I always find easy to get to from my seat.Read more
7.5Out West With ChrisI like the huge array of different storage options here - from the hatch at the front to the console in the middle. While the console is stacked with features, I do feel it sometimes gets in the way if I want to stand and fish. I find it really easy to set up my gear, rods, and crates across this boat for access on the go. You can easily fit a standard milk crate in the tank well.Read more
9.5Strike-Zone FishingThe locking storage hatch is ideal for when I need to store items away that I'm not necessarily going to need access to on the water. The paddle storage is a nice touch, too - and the gear tracks and central console are really packed with features. I love that you can add mounts and stow extra items away inside the center of the boat. Molded areas with individual bungees are also super easy to access. I like adding lights and GoPros to the rear without having to permanently affix.Read more

Portability of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Expert Rating: 8.3

9.0Cornish Kayak AnglerThis isn't too heavy a kayak to pick up, and I've had no problems carrying it around. I like the solid, grippy handles - it's never a problem getting a hold on this boat, even when dragging on a trolley. The storage hatches are flush with the boat, too, meaning storage on and off a vehicle isn't ever a concern. The side handles make this boat easy to grab and maneuver in a tight spot.Read more
8.0Out West With ChrisThe handles built into this boat are well-built and easy to grab onto, which makes transporting really simple. The seat removes easily enough for when you want to store away, too.Read more
8.0Strike-Zone FishingThe big rubber handles make this boat really easy to carry between two at bow and stern. There's two more at the sides, too, meaning pickup isn't a problem no matter where I'm positioned.Read more

Durability of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Expert Rating: 6.8

6.5Out West With ChrisCompared to other Vibes kayaks, the walls on this boat feel a little on the thin side - but I have no real complaints otherwise after months of fishing use.Read more