Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Review

Bottom Line:

A feature-rich fishing kayak, the Sea Ghost 130 arrives with a little more space over its cousin in the 110, and it’s definitely noticeable. This kayak comes with ample dry storage and a customizable console front and center, offering ample space for gear.

The reviews are in – and all agree that the boat performs well in terms of handling on faster waters; it’s demonstrably tough to tip over! It also claims a “comfiest ever” accolade from one reviewer – meaning this kayak really does seem to be built with fishing trips in mind.

So if you’re looking for a quality kayak that’s comfortable to paddle, then the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 could be it.

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Performance Ratings:

  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Onboard Storage
  • Portability
  • Durability


Size (length x width)13' x 33"
Weight75 lbs
Capacity550 lbs

Comparison to Similar Kayaks:

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Pelican Sentinel 100X Angler Old Town Topwater 120 Hobie Mirage Outback Vibe Sea Ghost 110
Expert Rating
Size13' x 33"9'5" x 30"12' x 33.5"12'9" x 34"11'6" x 33"
Weight75 lbs44 lbs82 lbs85 lbs84 lbs
Onboard Storage9.

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Review

Reasons to Buy:
  • Lots of intuitive storage
  • Easy to access gear tracks and dry bags
  • Extremely stable in most conditions
  • Rudder control makes for ease of movement
  • Very comfy and highly adjustable seat
Reasons Not to Buy:
  • Not the easiest to carry
  • Can get pretty slow on calm waters

Performance of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Vibe’s Sea Ghost line remains very popular with paddlers looking to take serious control of their kayaks, and the foot pedal rudder allows for what experts say is some of the smoothest movement on the water. It’s a huge plus for anyone who’s either new to maneuvering kayaks period, or who may be tired of having to really push their boats to turn on a dime!

The Sea Ghost 130 is great for paddlers who are looking to store lots of gear or food and drink on longer journeys. It boasts Vibe’s famous central console, which has multiple compartments for keeping various bits of tackle and even tech dry when needed. This is a boat that’s clearly built for fishing, though reviewers feel it’s likely to score highly on other types of recreational activity, too.

There’s high praise for waterproofing and drainage here, too. There doesn’t seem to be much need to worry about your tech or gear getting wet if you hit choppier waters or waves. In which case, there’s probably not much need for separate dry bags – just pop your gear straight in and away you go.

The Sea Ghost 130 is reportedly a tough cookie to move when waters get slow, but in choppier currents, it seems to be surprisingly responsive. That’s going to be a huge benefit for anyone out there wanting to try fishing in wilder and wider waters.

Take into account the stability, too – this is a boat that allows anglers to stand up and cast lines as well as sit down, with negligible chance of you tipping the kayak. In fact, one reviewer tipped themselves in before the boat even wobbled! It’s a great sign if you want to paddle up and down the length of the craft, too.

Anglers sick and tired of kayaks that wear hard on the butt will also appreciate the Sea Ghost 130’s padded and adjustable seating, which one expert confidently claims to be among the best they’ve ever tested. Great news if you want to sail out on longer journeys or adventures.

The 130 is a pretty hefty kayak, which means you’re probably going to need a few pairs of hands to help move it around. That said, our expert reviews claim the handles around the boat have improved massively since the last version of the 130 hit shelves. That means you can expect more ergonomic relief without losing any of the grip. It’ll likely fare well if you need to carry it long distances from getting parked up and towards the water.

That said, if there’s any improvements to portability that experts pick up on beyond the bulk (which can’t be helped), the 130 could stand to benefit from a skid plate. This way, it’d be easier to drag down pathways and towards the water.

Vibe always seems to score well on longevity, and experts feel the Sea Ghost 130 is going to withstand some choppier and spikier trips provided you still take care of it in the meantime.

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 seems to score well on all categories, though it’s clearly weighted more towards anglers who demand more control in stronger waters. It’s responsive, well-paced, and one of the most feature-rich kayaks for its price, making it a great value investment if you’re serious about finding a long-term boat.

Expert Reviews of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

8.1AnglrThe Sea Ghost 130 is a stable, storage-heavy fishing behemoth that really isn't going to tip on its own. The foot pedal rudder system is a welcome surprise, and I love the fact I can pretty much access all of my gear from a seated position. It's comfortable, it's convenient, and it's great value.Read more
7.8Headwaters KayakThe Sea Ghost 130 easily makes my top ten kayaks for the release year of 2019 in its price range. It's absolutely crammed with different features and storage options, and its new handles and gasket fittings are worthy upgrades over the 2018 model.Read more
7.8Happiness WithoutVibe's Sea Ghost 130 is hard-sided, performs well in rougher waters, and comes packed with customizable storage options. It's also amazingly comfy and arrives with tons of space to move around in. It's a superb fishing vessel that won't tip you over.Read more

Handling of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Expert Rating: 7.0

7.5AnglrThe foot pedals control the boat really easily - they're straightforward to get to and manage from a seated position.Read more
6.5Happiness WithoutIt's a pretty slow mover on the calm, but the Sea Ghost 130 really holds its own once you take it into choppier waters. The built-in rudder really sets the boat apart from the competition, and it's got a fantastic turning circle. You can remove it, but honestly - I think it tracks well and gets up to a respectable speed. It's tough to move around on slower trips, but it's super safe for choppy waters. It'll track pretty well in crosswinds, too.Read more

Stability of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Expert Rating: 8.3

9.5AnglrThis boat more than passes the standing test - and it really does take some rocking about! I can even stand on the front of this kayak and it won't tip. It'll even paddle from the front - it really isn't going to tip unless you're really careless.Read more
8.5Happiness WithoutThis boat's goat a super wide hull, which helps to keep it stable on most waters, a plus point for beginners. Standing up is even possible here - it's very tough to tip.Read more

Comfort of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Expert Rating: 8.3

8.0AnglrThe foot pedals are really comfy and simple to use when I need to turn the boat at a pinch. I like the overall feel of the seat, and I never have much of a problem adjusting its angle when I need to. It's well-elevated and offers back support.Read more
7.5Headwaters KayakIt's got a big, burly, comfortable seat that's a solid step up in the Sea Ghost line of old, with a high-low option to suit your needs while out on the water.Read more
9.5Happiness WithoutThe Sea Ghost 130 is one of the comfiest kayaks I've ever ridden. Its Hero Seat keeps me nice and dry, it's easy to adjust, and I can ride and fish for hours on end without complaint.Read more

Onboard Storage of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Expert Rating: 9.3

9.5AnglrThe front hatch has tons of space, it's waterproof, and it's super easy to unlock and re-secure again. It's great for anything bigger you're taking with you. The central console is fantastic - it's packed with dry bag features and hidden compartments, ideal for bait, cups, and there's also tracks for gear. It's all easy to access - and the paddle storage is amazingly secure. There's even more storage towards the back of the seat.Read more
9.0Headwaters KayakThere are stacks of new pods and hatches on the 2019 upgrade to the Sea Ghost 130 that I think are well worth the money. The front hatch's upgrade now gives you a ton more waterproof confidence thanks to its new gasket. That said, the handles could be a little less clumsy. The central console is bursting with new tracks and holding wells. I love the magnet built in for metal accessories, too. The rear hatch is provably waterproof. Read more
9.5Happiness WithoutThere is tons of storage space onboard this boat, with a mind-boggling variety of customization options. I love the console where you can easily set up a fish finder, and the fact I get a dry bag-lined hatch front and back is a major plus point. That all goes without mentioning the rod holders and the gear tracks - you really do have everything you need.Read more

Portability of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Expert Rating: 7.2

9.0Headwaters KayakThe handles on the Sea Ghost 130 are fantastic upgrades from the previous iteration of the boat. They're chunkier and better cushioned to your palms and fingers. The side handles in particular are really easy to grip and are nice and comfy carrying around for longer stretches.Read more
5.5Happiness WithoutUnfortunately, this boat falls down for me in the portability stakes mainly because it's so bulky and long. Thankfully, if you have another paddler with you, the handles make it easy enough to carry along. It could really use a skid plate.Read more

Durability of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Expert Rating: 7.2

7.5Happiness WithoutThe polyethylene hull here proves to be a tough customer. While I'd never recommend you purposely set out to damage your boat or look for trouble, this boat gets away without scrapes or dents across lots of spiky adventures. That said, look after your boat, or it will weaken over time.Read more