Sea Eagle Razorlite Inflatable Kayak Review (2023)

This is a review of the Sea Eagle 393rl Razorlite inflatable kayak.

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If you are an experienced kayaker who loves their hard shell but wants to have a great inflatable kayak on hand, then today’s review is just for you. The Sea Eagle Razorlite is one of the best air kayaks on the market right now. 

Its unique design mimics the rigidity and performance of a traditional hard kayak. The result is a quality built kayak that looks, feels, and performs like a traditional hard shell.

The 393rl and its tandem kayak model, the 473rl, are the perfect combination of speed and durability. Add in its impressive lightweight construction and you’ve got an inflatable boat worth a second glance. 

Let’s take a close look at the Sea Eagle 393rl Razorlite inflatable kayak and its stand out features, and what other paddlers have to say about it. Let’s get started!

Sea Eagle Razorlite Pros and Cons

What I Like
  • The straight hull is a unique design that gives you performance that reaches speeds similar to a hard shell.
  • Unlike a traditional inflatable kayak, the 393rl and 473rl use a unique drop stitch construction. This strong material allows you to inflate the boat to an impressive 10 PSI. That’s well over double the PSI of a traditional inflatable kayak.
  • The carrying case is extremely well built with quality material. A mesh covering and drain valve ensure excess water will never collect inside of it.
What I Don’t Like
  • There are no cargo nets over the front or rear spray skirts that would allow for extra storage. The pouch on the back of the seat however will allow you to secure any loose belongings.

Who Should Buy The Sea Eagle Razorlite?

The Sea Eagle 393rl Razorlite is an amazing inflatable kayak for an intermediate or advanced kayaker who is looking for a high quality kayak to take out on the water.

This inflatable kayak features an impressive all drop stitch construction. The drop stitched paired with an impressive narrow base and hull design allows you to cut through the water with ease. It’s details like this that have made this a great kayak for experienced paddlers.

The 393rl is designed to seat one person. However, if you have a partner you like to go paddle with or maybe even need extra cargo room, then consider upgrading to the higher model. The 393rl’s tandem model, the 473rl offers all the features of the 393rl and tacks on an additional back seat if you want to bring a partner along.

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Features and and Benefits of the Sea Eagle Razorlite Kayak

From its appearance alone, it’s easy to see why the 393rl is favored by intermediate and advanced kayakers. It has a great design suited for adventure. Let’s take a closer look at some of the kayak specs that make the Sea Eagle 393rl a great buy.

Easy to Transport

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl model is super easy to carry around and inflate. This inflatable kayak comes folded in a sturdy, durable, and well designed carrying backpack. The backpack is made out of a high quality material with self drain holes on the base that easily remove any excess water that might still be on your boat.

There is also a mesh construction on the side that allows your kayak to dry out quicker too. The backpack features a nice drawstring closure and once packed, you can carry around the backpack comfortably thanks to the thick padded shoulder straps. Inside the backpack, you’ll find all the pieces you need to get your 393rl out on the water.

Two Package Options

The Sea Eagle 393rl razorlite kayak comes in two package options, the standard set and the carbon fiber set. The upgraded carbon fiber set swaps out the standard AB40 kayak paddle for an AB50 pro carbon paddle. The lightweight construction of the carbon fiber paddle allows you to trek long distances with less strain.

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Repair Kit Included

Each set also comes with a repair kit which includes swatches of repair material, a 1 oz tube of glue, and a valve replacement tool. You will also find a high pressure hand pump that has an aluminum shaft with an included high pressure gauge. This pressure gauge allows you to accurately measure how much inflation has gone into the three chambers.

This hand pump works great to get your inflatable kayak set up in just under ten minutes. While the included hand pump is of great quality, you can always swap it out for an electric pump. This will help you cut down on inflation time and it makes the inflation process a lot easier overall.

Durable Construction

The Sea Eagle 393rl Razorlite inflatable kayak and its tandem model, the 473rl are both unique inflatable kayaks because of their all drop stitch construction. In place of a thin inflatable material, you’ll find a strong 1000 denier reinforced  material paired with the impressive drop stitch build.

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Drop Stitch Technology

The unique drop stitch floors and walls are made out of thousands of strong threads that connect the top and bottom fabric layers. Other inflatable kayaks typically use drop stitch only on the flooring. 

The 393rl and the 473rl are the first of their kind to use drop stitch technology throughout the entirety of the boat. The floor uses 3 inches of this unique drop stitch material, while the side walls are made out of a 4 inch drop stitch. 

The drop stitch technology is the main contributing feature to the high performance design on the boat. This drop stitch technology allows you to inflate the boat to a higher PSI in order to give the boat more rigidity. 

Inflates to a Higher PSI

While other inflatable kayaks typically inflate to  3 – 4 PSI, the drop stitch material allows you to inflate to 10 PSI. The result is a super rigid boat that exudes top quality.

Many users hail this same technology as the reason the 393rl paddles like a hardshell kayak. You won’t have a bounce on the flooring or walls and when you paddle. Users find that the construction coupled with the sleek design allows you to paddle fast the way you would with a hardshell kayak.

Plus, because you can inflate it to a higher PSI, you will have a sturdy, stable kayak that feels the way a high quality inflatable kayak would.

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Built for Performance

The Sea Eagle 393rl Razorlite is incredibly impressive as an inflatable kayak because of its overall performance. This inflatable kayak was built for advanced kayakers and it’s easy to see how.

On the base of the Sea Eagle 393rl, you will find a hard plastic double concave profile at the bow and on the stern. This profile gives you the ability to cut through choppy water and paddle at speeds that mimic a hard shell kayak.

The removable skeg at the bottom rear of the kayak also gives you added tracking with very little yaw. In rough water and certainly in calm water, the razor lite will allow you to feel like you have overall control the way you would when you paddle in a hard shell.

Narrow and Fast to Paddle

The 393rl features narrow and sharp bow and stern molds. These plastic molds help you to cut through the water so that you reach and keep that high velocity as you paddle. 

The tapered side walls also help reduce friction so that you can paddle cleanly with no wake left on your trail.

Comfortable Design

A neat feature of both the Sea Eagle 393rl and the 473rl (it’s tandem counterpart) is that you get great performance coupled with impressive comfort. This is largely in part of the overall design. The straight hull design of the 393rl is more narrow than other inflatable kayaks but you will still have enough leg room so that you feel comfortable while on the water.

It’s also this straight hull design that draws many advanced kayakers to this inflatable kayak. Because the design mimics the feel of a hard shell kayak, and the drop stitch offers that rigidity, the 393rl is undoubtedly a high performance inflatable kayak.

High-back Seat

Unlike many traditional hardshell kayaks, the comfort extends to the seat of the kayak as well. The high quality 19 inch high back seat offers adjustable straps that secure to the boat via the stainless steel D rings. These straps will allow you to bring up the support on your back for sporty paddling, or relax the support for when you want to enjoy the water more leisurely.

On the rear of the high backrest, you’ll also find a durable zipper pouch where you can store small, commonly used items like your phone and some shades. Like many Sea Eagle boats, if you need additional space to store your belongings, you can tuck them into the back of the boat as well.

Sea Eagle FlexBrace Included

Lastly, this inflatable kayak features the unique Sea Eagle FlexBrace. This foot brace is ergonomically friendly and easy to set up.

It adjusts to 20 different positions so that you can find the exact setting you need for a comfortable ride. The foot rests adjust easily and give you a great handle on the kayak when you are cutting through rough water.

What Others are Saying about The Sea Eagle Razorlite

We’ve scoured the internet to see what some seasoned kayakers have to say about the rave about Sea Eagle 393rl. Time and time again, users rave about the high quality build. Even the most expert kayakers consider this as one of the best inflatable kayaks because of the all drop stitch construction.

Verified Sea Eagle owner, Jessie Stewart, explains why this is such a great boat to invest in. Stewart shared, 

“One of the best purchases I’ve made in years. Every time I went out this summer and fall people would stop to ask about it and were amazed how simple it was to inflate/deflate/stow and carry. Please treat yourself right and upgrade to the lightest paddle. The seat is comfortable with plenty of storage on the back and easy to adjust while in the kayak if needed. My dog Pirate always looks forward to going for a ride. Thank you for this design!”

Adam Johnson, another verified Sea Eagle owner explains why the 393rl is such a  great boat for intermediate and advanced kayakers. 

Johnson shares, “I upgraded from the SE330 to the Razorlite 393 because I am on the river all day performing primatological research on wild macaques in Florida. This boat glides so smoothly and quickly in the water. It performs very well while traveling upstream. It stays straight as an arrow but even with the skeg inserted, is incredibly responsive. I am incredibly pleased with the quality of this kayak. It is allowing me to perform my research and feel safe while not fatiguing me.”

For users who like to take to the waters with a buddy, bumping up to the 473rl model might be a better choice. We’ve come across several users who report that even with the longer 15 ft model of the 473rl, paddling is still rigid yet comfortable.

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If you are looking for a high quality kayak for long excursions out on choppy or calm waters then the 393rl could be a great fit for you. Even the most seasoned kayakers are impressed with the rigid construction of the 393rl and the 473rl Sea Eagle kayaks.

The impressive, high quality materials used in this kayak really define the performance while you are out on the water. If you want to step up your kayaking game and want a high quality inflatable to take out on the go, then this kayak is certainly one to consider. 

To learn more or to get your hands on the Sea Eagle 393rl, click here. If you want to bring along a kayaking partner, check out the two seater Sea Eagle 473rl by clicking here.

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